Would Your Kitchen Pass the Home Swap Test?

At DIY Homefit we’re enjoying the new Home Away From Home programme on the BBC. Well worth a look! Presented by the ever-engaging Gloria Hunniford, the programme features two homes whose owners trade places for a few days. As well as staying in each others’ homes, the visitors also have different local activities planned for them during the week so that they can really experience local life. Additionally, the owners leave ingredients and instructions for the visitors to cook and enjoy one of their favourite meals.

Would your kitchen pass muster if someone else were to use it for a week? Would they be able to find things easily – or would you need to have a massive clear out beforehand? Also, are you happy with the overall condition of your kitchen or is it beginning to look a little “tired”?

If you’re anything like most of us, we suspect that quite a bit of effort would be needed before you felt totally comfortable not only with a stranger navigating round your kitchen but the whole thing also being televised?! Yet what a shame that we’d be prepared to put time, money and effort into kitchen refurbishment under those circumstances yet are often reluctant to do the same “just” for ourselves.

At DIY Homefit we often sense a little reluctance in customers planning a new kitchen. Mostly because they feel a little guilty about treating themselves in this way. If there’s a perceived valid reason then fine – but just to do it because you want to can somehow feel a little indulgent.

When you think of the amount of time spent in the kitchen, and the importance to family life of preparing and eating meals together then it really does make sense for that kitchen to be both as pleasant and as ergonomic as possible. Creating a new kitchen is therefore a solid investment in so many ways: not just in terms of improving the ambience and saleability of your home,  but also bringing the whole family together in a communal project.

Another reason that can put people off a new kitchen is the cost and hassle of the whole process. At DIY Homefit we offer excellent value for money, whether you are going for a complete kitchen refurbishment starting from scratch, or a simpler option of replacement kitchen doors. Either way, there is plenty to choose from and the final results will be stunning!  We can even provide contact details of kitchen fitters in your local area who you can approach to help ensure that everything is the best it can be.

So don’t put off your kitchen refurbishment yet another year! Have a browse through our website now to take a close look at the different options available to start getting your home “swap ready”!