Can DIY kitchens really look good?

Upgrade your kitchen with DIY kitchen units from DIY Homefit!

Most of us have got a pretty good idea of our dream kitchen. We can visualise ourselves wafting around in either a glossy contemporary kitchen or perhaps a more traditional wood style.

Most of us have got a pretty good idea of our dream kitchen. We can visualise ourselves wafting around in either a glossy contemporary kitchen or perhaps a more traditional wood style. Everything is spotlessly clean and uncluttered of course, so all we need to do is chill out, relax and enjoy this amazing living space.


Then we come back to reality and look round our actual kitchen. What do you see? Probably a smaller space than you would really like? Maybe darker and dingier? And almost certainly in need of a deep clean and declutter!

It’s easy to feel a bit despondent about your kitchen. After all, to create the kitchen of your dreams would probably take months and cost thousands of pounds right? Added to which, a global pandemic is probably not the best time to be embarking on major home renovation.

Well the good news is that it is possible to transform your kitchen quickly and easily with the help of DIY Homefit. And you will also be delighted at the good value of our products.

The two main ways to upgrade your kitchen are either by installing DIY kitchen units or replacement kitchen doors. Or perhaps a combination of both.

Let’s take a look at each option.

DIY kitchen units

If your kitchen needs new cupboards, you could be forgiven for expecting these to cost a small fortune. But this need not be the case. At DIY Homefit we have some fabulous ranges of DIY kitchen units that are both excellent quality and great value.


Our units include all the following combinations and more:

  • Wall unit
  • Drawer unit
  • Broom unit
  • Corner unit
  • Peninsula unit
  • Sink/hob unit
  • Larder unit
  • End shelving
  • Oven/microwave housing
  • Wine rack

You can see full details of our ranges here. We supply all the most popular sizes and can also offer made to measure kitchen units on most of our ranges. So if we do not list a product in the exact size you need you may be able to enter your custom dimensions during the ordering process. 

If there is any doubt in your mind as to the quality of our products then take a look at the images throughout this article  to get an idea of just how good a DIY Homefit kitchen can look! Or browse our full range of kitchen images here.



Replacement kitchen doors

If your existing kitchen cupboard carcasses are still in good condition then why replace them? You can save money and also be environmentally conscious by re-using the carcasses and just replacing the doors.

With replacement kitchen doors from DIY Homefit, you can achieve a dramatic kitchen transformation for a fraction of the cost that you might expect. We offer three ranges of fabulous replacement kitchen doors: Bella Vinyl Wrapped doors, Flat Slab doors, Handleless J-Pull doors. They are each available in a wide variety of colours and either High gloss or Matt finishes. Most of our ranges can be supplied in either standard or custom built sizes.

Let’s take a brief look at each type of door:


Bella Vinyl Wrapped kitchen doors

This range features 25 strong classical designs in a choice of 35 colours. Our vinyl wrapped can be used to create either a traditional or more contemporary look, as can be seen from the contrasting images below. The first image shows a distinctive traditional look using our Canterbury replacement kitchen doors in Moldau Acacia and the second image a stunning contemporary kitchen using our Venice replacement kitchen doors in Opengrain White.



Flat Slab kitchen doors

We also offer an extensive range of over 30 Flat Slab kitchen replacement doors. These doors enable you to create a contemporary kitchen with clean minimalist lines. You can choose to add one of our sleek handle ranges to the doors or simply to keep them handleless with push-to-open technology. 

The image below shows a fabulous contemporary kitchen featuring Flat Slab replacement kitchen doors in Ultragloss Baltic Blue and Light Grey.

Ultragloss-Baltic-Blue-Ultragloss-Light-Grey (1)

Handleless J-Pull kitchen doors

These handleless doors enable you to create a very contemporary minimalistic-style kitchen. The doors have the extremely effective J-pull design and are available in 12 different finishes. We love the example below, showing our Handleless J-Pull kitchen doors in Jayline Supergloss White, but check out the full range of finishes here.

Jayline-Supergloss-White (1)

We hope that the above images have demonstrated that DIY kitchens really can look good! And remember that whether you decide on DIY kitchen units, replacement kitchen doors, or a combination of the two: DIY Homefit is here to help.

So why not browse through our kitchen picture gallery to decide what you want for your new dream kitchen, then go to our easy ordering process to get things moving.