The best colours for your home

Transform your home with help from DIY Homefit

You may be planning to refurbish your kitchen or bedroom, or perhaps to create a home office. If so, DIY Homefit is here to help.

You will probably be glad to see the back of 2020. It has been a terrible year in ways that no-one could have predicted. The pandemic continues to affect our daily lives in many different ways, with no sign of anything changing any time soon. And as we begin to inch nearer to Christmas, no-one really knows what plans to make for that either.

So amidst all this doom and gloom, it’s important to make positive plans and have things to look forward to. One thing that many people are doing at the moment is planning improvements to their home. Whether you want to do these straightaway, or wait a while until everything calms down a bit, it’s exciting to start planning your changes and visualising how good your home will look afterwards.

You may be planning to refurbish your kitchen or bedroom, or perhaps to create a home office. If so, DIY Homefit is here to help.


Things to consider when refurbishing a room

There are four main criteria that you need to take into consideration when refurbishing any room of your home. These are:

  • Cost. It is really important to set a realistic budget before you start, so that you know what is and is not achievable. If you don’t do this, you run the risk of overspending as you go, and possibly not being able to finish the job properly. 
  • Storage space. Make sure you plan carefully how to use every inch of space. Whether you are improving your kitchen, bedroom or home office, it is vital to maximise the storage space available. This will enable you to keep the room beautifully clutter free once it is finished. At DIY Homefit we not only supply furniture and replacement doors in all the most common sizes, but can also offer custom made sizes on most of our ranges.
  • Practicality. Always think of the purpose of the room and the way people and things need to flow around the room. For example, in your kitchen it’s particularly important to be able to move easily around between the food preparation, cooking and serving areas without encountering any potential hazards in the process. So when planning a room, think of who will be using it and what they need to do.
  • Aesthetics. Last but by no means least, you want your room to look fabulous! And once you are confident that the other criteria have been met, then this is what you can focus on. You want a room that you are proud of and just love being in. A key aspect of this is the colour you choose for your room.

Which are the best colours for my kitchen?

There are already the predictable glossy magazine articles looking ahead to home trends for 2021. And many of these declare the kind of colours that they think will be popular. Various trends being mentioned for kitchens include greens, blues and calming colours such as dusky pink, soft grey and sage green. Two tone combinations are also going to be on trend. 

We love the kitchen pictured below, which features our 5-piece panelled replacement kitchen doors in Oakgrain Azure Blue and Light Grey. Not only does this design pick up two of the trending colours but also works the two tone look as well.

Oakgrain_Azure_Blue_and_Grey (1)

Another fabulous two tone combination is the kitchen pictured below, which features our Broadway replacement kitchen doors in Matt Dakar. This combination makes good use of lovely rich green and natural neutrals.

m_dakkar_odessa_broadway (1)


Which are the best colours for the rest of my home?

For the rest of the home, various different colours are being mentioned. These include neutrals, natural greens, warm reds and clean blues are being mentioned a lot. There seems to be a definite theme of colours being both chic and simple, which can create a comforting ambience in these difficult times.

The image below shows a beautiful bedroom featuring our Aldridge replacement bedroom doors in Matt Denim, for a beautifully minimalist yet welcoming look.

aldridge_denim (4)

For a home office, you may want to choose more neutral colours that are both calming and business like. The image shown below is of an ultra modern home office in Alabaster. The neutral colours and the glossy units both add a sense of light and airiness to the room, making it appear larger than it actually is. An ideal place to work!

Alabaster (1)

So for any room of your home, there are plenty of colour ideas to choose from. But the important thing is that you choose a colour, or colour combination, that you really like and that enhances your new room. The room needs to reflect your personality, not be a carbon copy of everyone else’s room.

So if you are planning some home improvement over the next few months, start by browsing through our galleries of kitchen, bedroom and home office ideas. Then let DIY Homefit help you to start making your plans a reality.