Where do all the cookery books go?!

A few days ago there was a near riot when the BBC announced that a number of its websites are to close.  One of these is BBC Food.  This prompted an online petition – with over 100,000 signatures to date – to “Save the BBC’s recipe archive!”  

BBC Food contains over 11,000 recipes.  The BBC has made it clear that they won’t be deleted, but they will be archived – which will mean that they will not be searchable and therefore will be harder to find online unless you know the URL.

The BBC seemed somewhat bemused by all the furore:  “There’s been a lot of interest in BBC recipes today,” a BBC spokesperson said.  “We are glad that so many people care so much about all our content. But just to be clear, we have never said we’d delete all the recipes and nor will we.”

But at DIY Homefit we completely understand the consternation!   Many of us now search online for recipes instead of leafing through a cookery book.  New recipes – often featuring newly popular ingredients – are being added daily, and there are different variations of the same recipe if one does not quite hit the spot.  Recipes often come with a ready made shopping list for ingredients to save you the bother.   Using online recipes also has the other huge advantage of saving storage space.  

But even so, we do still like our cookery books!  Some are old and well thumbed, some more trendy coffee table style books.   But the question is – where do you put the cookery books?   There’s no point putting them anywhere where you can’t get to them easily;  but the scruffy ones could do with being hidden somewhere and the posh ones need to be artfully displayed for that oh so casual look!

DIY Homefit have the answers to some of these pressing questions!   Our wide product range means that whether you are just planning kitchen cupboard replacement or a complete kitchen refurbishment, there will be something that works for you.   Check out our kitchen storage page  to see different styles of kitchen cupboard replacement that you could use to store all the cookery books you don’t want on display!  Then pictured below are two examples of kitchens (Tullymore and Broadway styles)  featuring an island which we think is a perfect way to display and store extra items in your kitchen whilst still looking stylish!

diy homefit cook book 1  diy homefit cook book 2

Why not browse through our kitchen pages now to get some ideas and inspiration for kitchen storage that is both beautiful and functional?    Then you can plan your kitchen cupboard replacement around where you are going to store those all-important cookery books!