The Magic of Mirrors

At this time of year, as the sun finally makes its appearance, we all begin to realise the therapeutic properties of light.  Everything seems just that little bit better when the sun is shining, and there is a more positive atmosphere in the air.  Many of us feel that it would be wonderful to have a lighter brighter home all year round.  

One easy way to do this is to use mirrors around the home as much as possible.  Cleverly placed mirrors reflect and refract light around a room and can instantly make a room seem larger and brighter, adding warmth and ambience to the room.

An ideal way to introduce more mirrors into your bedroom is by changing the doors on your fitted wardrobes to mirror doors.  At DIY Homefit we have an outstanding selection of wardrobe solutions, including modern wardrobes, wardrobe shelving and wardrobe fronts.  The images below show three examples of mirrored wardrobe doors.  

Flat Polished Frame with Silver Bevel Mirror  diy homefit mirror 1
Flat Dark Woodgrain Frame with Dark Walnut, Blossom Oatmeal Glass & Bronze Mirror  diy homefit mirror 2
Flat Polished Frame with Silver Mirror & Metallic Gold Glass  diy homefit mirror 3

As you can see from the above images the mirrored doors make a huge difference to the room!   Try picturing the above rooms without the mirrored doors and feel how much smaller and darker they would seem.  The choice is yours but how much better and brighter would these sunny mornings be if the sun was reflected round your home instead of diminished by the darkness!

So why not let more light into your home this spring by changing the doors on your fitted wardrobes?   To see the full range from DIY Homefit enjoy browsing through our selection here.