The Danger of Cookery Parties!

At DIY Homefit we were recently discussing cookery parties. Some readers may remember the forerunner of these – tupperware parties – that were so popular in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Tupperware was initially the name of a range of kitchen products for use in the preparation, storage and serving of food. It was invented In 1942 when Earl Tupper in Massachusetts developed a plastic bell shaped container, and tupperware products were then introduced to the public in 1948.  

The Tupperware brand grew quickly in the 1950s through the use of direct marketing: in particular the Tupperware Party. At this time many women had been involved in working during World War II, only to then be told to “go back to the kitchen”! Tupperware Parties gave them the opportunity to do just that – whilst at the time enabling them to maintain their independence by continuing to work and to earn their own income.

The idea behind the Tupperware Party was to arrange a social gathering of women, during which Tupperware products would be displayed and demonstrated, in the hope that at least some of the participants would buy products and perhaps even go on to host their own event.

“Plus ca change” as they say! Today there are many similar party schemes around, for a whole array of kitchen products amongst many other offerings. Invitations are sent out and engender a variety of responses.  

Despite the cajoling on the part of the host that “you don’t need to buy anything, just come along!” there is always the hope and expectation that you will indeed buy something. In fact, during the evening there is undeniable pressure to do so, with catalogues, order forms and pens all too readily available – and it being made clear that your host will only receive all the potential hosting benefits of the evening if a certain amount of sales is reached.

Which brings us neatly back to the title of this article – the Danger of Cookery Parties! During our conversation we confessed to each other the kind of gadgets that we have ended up buying at such evenings. Many have in fact turned out to be surprisingly invaluable and get lots of usage. Others, sadly, fester in the back of the kitchen cabinet until such time as they are rediscovered and sent to the charity shop or car boot sale!  

However, some of us attending these parties start becoming gadget-obsessed and use everything with enthusiasm.  Then start collecting more: rather than dreading being asked to host our own party, we love doing so because it enables us to collect yet more gadgets!   

For those that do love these gadgets the big issue is where to put everything. Fortunately DIY Homefit has the perfect answer to this.  

We have the ultimate range of kitchen storage solutions so that your kitchen cabinets can fit in and organise every gadget you may desire! Below we picture a few examples of what may help:

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 09.33.01.png

You can see many more examples on the Kitchen Storage section of our website. Plenty of room for everything that you may possibly need – and lots more besides! Enjoy your cookery parties – and let DIY Homefit help you with the inevitable outcome!