Splendid Summer Kitchens

Summer time and the living is easy! If you’re lucky enough to have some time off to spend at home this summer then it’s likely that the kitchen will feature highly in any plans that you have.

If you’re anything like us at DIY Homefit, leisurely summer days tend to revolve around food and drink! Whether the kitchen is being used just to prepare for al fresco dining – or is also the location for indoor dining – you need to make sure it is ready for action!

Here are our Five Top Tips for Splendid Summer Kitchens! Click on the links to see more information about each one.

  1. Clear the clutter! Put everything you don’t immediately need into cupboards and drawers. DIY Homefit has an amazing range of storage solutions to fit standard and bespoke sizes of cupboards and drawers.
  2. Add more storage. If in the above process you find you simply don’t have enough space, is there somewhere you can add it? DIY Homefit can provide a wide range of kitchen cupboard and drawer units to fit any standard or custom-sized space.
  3. Maximise your surface space. If you don’t have enough then how about an island? These can be very easy to fit into the centre or a corner of your kitchen. As well as giving you additional surface space they can also provide a lot more stylish storage! Have a look at our range of kitchen pictures here for some inspiration.  
  4. If you are growing your own fruit and vegetables as in our last blog, it’s worth taking the time to check for each product how it is best stored to maintain its life and freshness. Some fruit and vegetables need to be kept at room temperature – in which case the surface space, storage space or island we have already mentioned could work well. However some products do better in the refrigerator. If you already have a small built-in refrigerator you may want to consider purchasing a larger free-standing one instead. You could then use the space from the previous refrigerator to house some additional basket style storage – such as pictured on the right – to store the rest of your harvest!
  5. Express DIY Homefit Makeover! If you have guests that you just have to impress, we do have an Express range of replacement kitchen doors that can be delivered to you in record time. So don’t get those Bank Holiday Blues! By the time your guests arrive your kitchen refurbishment can be complete! Check out our Express range here to get things moving!

Enjoy summer in your kitchen! We hope that these tips will help you to get things as you want them and be able to enjoy entertaining and relaxing at home over the next few weeks.

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