DIY Homefit – Where the Fitting is Easy!

As the nights are drawing in our thoughts turn to lighting our homes accordingly. But have you tried to buy a light bulb recently?  It used to be easy but the specifications have changed so much over the past few years that many of us now feel confused.  It can be hard to get to grips with what all the abbreviations mean and how the wattage of the newer bulbs – especially the energy saving ones – relates to the old ones.

lightbulbsWe’re pleased to say that this is in stark contrast to when you buy DIY furniture from DIY Homefit! We are very aware of the need to keep things simple and ensure that our product specifications and our fitting instructions are clear and are easy to understand. So, whether you are after a new kitchen or bedroom, you’ve come to the right place!

The process of choosing and ordering your products is made as easy as ABC by our step by step guidance.  Whether you are creating a new bedroom or kitchen, you will be given the opportunity to order your door type, style, door finish and carcass finish.  You can order made to measure carcasses, cupboards and cabinets together with our high quality range of doors and drawers for you to fit.  Or you can just order custom made wardrobe or cupboard carcasses on their own.

Once you have chosen your desired products you will be relieved to hear that they also come with very clear instructions as to how to assemble them.  These are also reproduced on the “Technical Tips and Downloads” page of our website for ease of reference.  They make the process of fitting your DIY Homefit products achievable for most people, but if you would prefer some help then we also have a Find a Fitter service which identifies fitters and carpenters that we know of nearby who may be able to install or manage your bedroom or kitchen installation.

So we are confident that when you purchase products from DIY Homefit, you will find that the fitting is easy. Perhaps it’s even something you can do to while away those long winter evenings?  Providing, of course, you have managed to find the right type of light bulb!