Getting Creative: The “Queen of Beads” kitchen

Here at DIY Homefit, we are always on the lookout for creative bespoke kitchen and bedroom ideas. Today our travels take us the other side of the Atlantic, New York to be specific, where we have found an impressive kitchen design made almost entirely of beads!

Liza Lou, also known as the “queen of beads”, created this unique piece of artwork, by using millions of glass beads to cover the surfaces. These beads go on to cover every inch of an everyday kitchen, even including dirty dishes in the sink and the pie inside the oven. So it’s not surprising that this creative kitchen design took a total of 5 years to complete!

The artist simply named this the “Kitchen”, a name that certainly played down the impressive look of this kitchen. A couple of years after the Kitchen, Liza went on to create “Backyard”. This artistic interpretation on a regular garden used up 30 million beads, with the majority of these beads being used to make the 250,000 tiny blades of grass!


Looking back at the kitchen, it would be a pain to use for everyday tasks but it sure looks stunning! As your internet store for top quality bespoke bedroom furniture and fitted kitchens, we at DIY Homefit are constantly on the look-out for creative impressions and innovative ideas of our primary offerings.

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