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Our recent DIY Homefit blog on Five things to do with an old kitchen cupboard sparked a lot of interest, so we have decided to do a regular monthly feature on the topic of upcycling.   These days many of us are interested in upcycling, both as a means of economising and spending less, and also to reduce our carbon footprint.   

In the UK the trend continues for less waste to be sent to landfill and more waste recycled:  but by upcycling we can improve these statistics even further.   Upcycling helps to reduce CO2 emissions.    For example, it has been estimated that reusing one ton of textiles would prevent 20 tons of CO2 from being released into our atmosphere.   20 tons is a lot!   It equates to the weight of around 5 elephants!

This month’s upcycling features comes from a lovely American blog called ‘mylove2create‘. Below we show their example of upcycling kitchen cabinet doors into a children’s desk (full details can be found over on their site!).

diy homefit MyLove2Create

Upcycling enables you to create something completely unique and know that you have put old furniture to good use.  It is something that we can all do and you may well be surprised at how creative you can be!

We will feature different examples each month and would love to include examples from some of our readers.  So if you have upcycled your old kitchen furniture into another item for your home or garden then do please email us the details at and you may well see yourself featured on this page in the not too distant future!

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