Kitchen improvement trends for 2019

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As Christmas is approaching, many of us are already looking ahead to 2019 and considering having a new kitchen. Christmas can actually be a good time to think about it, because it is an opportunity to see how well or otherwise your current kitchen works for you, and what are the things that need to be changed.

The following factors can affect the extent of the kitchen refurbishment that you undertake:

  • What is your budget? You need to know how much you have to spend and plan accordingly.
  • How long do you plan to stay in your home? Are you updating your kitchen to make your home more saleable or to make it a room that you will enjoy for years to come.
  • What is your family situation? Do you have young children and need it to be a family-friendly kitchen, or are you footloose and fancy-free and want an impressive entertaining space.
  • Do you have ecological preferences and/or allergies or health issues? This may determine the kinds of materials that may and may not be used in your kitchen.
  • Do you need to stay in your home during the renovation? This can determine the scale of refurbishment that is feasible.

Once you have worked through the above factors and have decided on the kind of thing you want, it may be interesting to know some of the predicted kitchen trends for 2019. We have been doing some research and have put together the following list that may help:


Colours and patterns

It appears that our love of ultra-bright white kitchen is diminishing, being replaced by a desire for a richer and more dramatic look. Black and darker shades can add a touch of elegance and are more practical in terms of keeping them clean on a daily basis. Very popular colours for 2019 are likely to be dark greens, terracottas and other earthy tones that bring warmth and ambience to your kitchen.

Also consider the mismatched look, by either using two complementary tones for walls and cabinets or adding small yet impactful splashes of a second colour with textiles or rugs. You may also want to consider a wallpapered feature wall. Geometric patterns are on trend again, and can bring life and vibrancy into your kitchen.

Another trend for 2019 is making a feature of your ceiling. Skilful ceiling decoration – whether it is painted, lacquered or emphasising an ornate design that is already there – can make a room much more distinctive. If there is no scope to do anything special with your ceiling then consider adding some impactful pendant lighting instead.

Both matte and high gloss finishes are still popular. Matte is easier to keep clean but gloss can add an edge of sophistication. So, the choice is yours!


Materials for worktops and appliances

Worktop materials wax and wane in popularity but consistent favourites are quartz and granite. As well as the timeless look, these finishes are strong and durable. Particularly popular are mixed patterns that bring a touch of abstract colour into your kitchen.

Also still popular are wooden style worktops that can add warmth and character in any kitchen.

At DIY Homefit we have a wide range of worktops to suit all tastes, such as those pictured below. Our full range can be seen here.

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 12.56.43

Regarding appliances, fixtures, and finishes stainless steel is on the way out, being replaced by items either in calming neutral tones or bold colours. It is also a growing trend to combine different metals in kitchens such as copper hardware, brass fixtures, and silver finishes for a relaxed yet still elegant look.



There is a definite trend for more seating in kitchens, adding functionality and flexibility to your kitchen. Banquette seating is both popular and practical, and can be instrumental in transforming your kitchen into a cosy living and entertaining space.

We’ve also spotted a general trend for curved furniture and this is something that you can adapt for your kitchen, for example by the use of a curved chair or small sofa.

If you are short on space but want additional seating in your kitchen then another way to do this is to extend the worktop over the edge of your cabinets or island then tuck tall stools underneath it. This can also eliminate the need for a table if you do not have the space for one.


Storage solutions

However large your kitchen is you always seem to need more storage space! And for those of us with small kitchens this can be a particularly pressing issue.

DIY Homefit has a range of diy kitchen units that offer every possible permutation of storage. You can check out our range here. When planning your kitchen refurbishment make sure you maximised every storage opportunity: you will not regret it!

One popular trend is a kitchen island. As well as providing additional storage, a cleverly placed island can increase your preparation space, and create another conversation and dining area.

You can also maximise kitchen storage by using the deepest drawers that will fit your kitchen design. This will make cooking and storage much easier.

Whatever kitchen design you come up with, make sure that you make the best use of the available space to serve your needs.

We hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration for your new kitchen in 2019. For further inspiration take a browse through our gallery of kitchen pictures to see how wonderful a DIY Homefit kitchen could look in your home.