DIY on the move!

We are now living in the days when more people use phones and tablet computers to access the Internet than desktop computers.   Never one to be behind the times, DIY Homefit are delighted to announce the arrival of our new mobile-friendly website!

Whilst our website has always been accessible on a mobile device we have implemented various changes to improve your experience even further!  These include resizing different elements of the website so that it easier to browse from your mobile device: no more zooming in needed!   You will find the same quality of both static and scrolling images as you do on a desktop computer.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 08.34.32You will also now find that forms and buttons on the mobile-friendly site are larger and therefore clearer to see and more functional  to manipulate.   This means that you can interact with us as easily when on the move as when sitting at home.

We hope that you like the changes and that they will make it easier to interact with us wherever you are.  We all lead such busy lives these days and anything that we can do whilst on the move has got to be a help!   

If you are viewing this site on a desktop computer why not get out your mobile device now and see just how good looks?!    Then enjoy browsing through our stunning ranges of creative kitchens, sliding wardrobe doors and beautiful bedrooms displayed in all their glory on our new mobile-friendly site!