Five things to do with an old kitchen cupboard

So the time has finally come for your kitchen cupboard replacement and you will soon be enjoying summer in your wonderful new kitchen.  But spare a thought for your old kitchen cupboards!  What is going to happen to them?  They have served you well over the years …. do they really deserve just to end up in a skip at the local waste recycling centre, or in the garage awaiting Bonfire Night?  

Whilst it’s true that we can get a tad over-sentimental by dwelling on these things, there is enormous scope for upcycling your old kitchen cupboards, replacing them with a completely different item that you can use elsewhere.  Not convinced?  We’ve taken a virtual stroll round the weird and wonderful world that is the internet to find some examples just for you!  

Children’s Play furniture

We love this Diner from and featured on Pinterest.

Whilst this is just one example,  the possibilities are endless!  You could also get the children involved in helping to make something as a time-filling summer project!


diy homefit Five things 1
Corner Porch Planter

Just look at this amazing transformation of a corner cabinet!  

If you like this then check out the My Love 2 Create blog post from its creator Mindi and you could soon have your very own version!


diy homefit Five things 2
Pet Bed

How about this wonderful idea from Decoist?  You could remove the front of any kitchen cabinet, repaint it and use it as a dual purpose additional table and pet bed …. if your dog will let you!

 diy homefit Five things 3


Your very own island

Depending on the decor of the rest of your kitchen, how about creating your own island from old kitchen cupboard doors to add a touch of shabby chic to your kitchen?

Image courtesy of Pinterest

diy homefit Five things 4



Under bed storage

You can never have enough storage and under the bed is an ideal place to hide more stuff!   But what better way to do it creatively than by making your own personalised under bed storage from old kitchen cupboards and drawers?  See the examples on the right – courtesy of CreateInspireBe for some inspiration!

 diy homefit Five things 5

Of course you can only create the above items if you have old kitchen cupboards available for upcycling!  So why not make now the time to have  your kitchen cupboard replacement and then you can create away to your heart’s content this summer!  Why not browse our range of kitchen designs now to get those creative juices flowing?!