Empty Nest?

At this time of year you may well have a son or daughter going off to Uni for the first time? At DIY Homefit we understand what a major event this is.  Not just the fact that they are going , but all the preparations leading up to their departure. There are so many things to be bought, organised and sorted – and then getting them into the car is a whole new story in itself!

We’ve also found that an ideal antidote to empty nest syndrome is a bit of home improvement.  Where better to start than by doing a  bedroom makeover for the departing son or daughter?  Their needs will be different from now on – and so will yours.   It’s an ideal time to revamp their bedroom.  You can find new ways to store the stuff they have left behind, and also ensure that there is some nice storage space to house the rest of their stuff when they return for the holidays.

DIY Homefit have a wide range of storage solutions to help you transform even the grubbiest teenage bedroom.  We supply a comprehensive range  of replacement wardrobe doors and bedside cabinets to freshen up your surroundings.  Take a look at some examples of how fantastic a transformed bedroom can look like with our replacement wardrobe doors here.

Our replacement wardrobe doors come in a number of different finishes.  There are Vinyl Wrapped, high gloss, 5-Piece Panelled, and Acrylic Ultragloss.  Each finish has a wide variety of colours, and one of the Vinyl Wrapped door finishes is paintable – ideal if your son or daughter loves bright colours!

All the very best for new beginnings from all of us at DIY Homefit!  Once the dust has settled, get in touch with us to make a start on the home improvement therapy and give your much-missed son or daughter a lovely surprise next time they’re home!

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