Freshen up your kitchen in 2023

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Even though New Year has come and gone, you may still be hoping to move forward with some of the grand plans you had for this year. And why not? Change can and should happen at any time of the year : whenever it works best for you.

Perhaps you want to freshen up your kitchen but don’t have very much budget to work with? If that’s the case, read on! Because in this article we share a few quick and easy ways to freshen up your kitchen that 

won’t cost a small fortune. We’re going to look at:

  • Making your kitchen inviting
  • Adding some open shelving
  • Replacing your kitchen cabinet doors and/or handles
  • Replacing your worktops and/or splashbacks
  • Adding a splash of colour
  • Bringing the outside in

Making your kitchen inviting

The first step in freshening up your kitchen is to get rid of the clutter. Anything that you either don’t use or don’t particularly like needs to go! This will free up valuable storage space for the things that you do want to keep. Find a place for all of those things and make sure that they always get put back there. This will keep your surfaces clear of clutter and make your kitchen look so much better..

Then look at various ways of making your kitchen as welcoming as you can. If there is any option to have a seating area – whether a kitchen table, window seat, or sofa – make sure it is kept clear of clutter and looks inviting. If you have somewhere nice to sit down in your kitchen that will always make it feel like the heart of the home.

Adding some open shelving

If you have some spare wall space in your kitchen, why not add some open shelving? Tasteful open shelving can both boost your kitchen storage and serve as a fun display area. You can add a touch of personality to your kitchen by displaying colourful or special items on your shelves. Just be careful not to overload your shelves or start using them for anything that you don’t know where else to put.

Replacing your kitchen cabinet doors and/or handles

If your kitchen cabinet carcasses are in good condition but the doors or handles have seen better days, why not replace them? It is cheap and easy to do and will make a huge difference to the look and feel of your kitchen.

At DIY Homefit we supply a wide range of kitchen cabinets, with doors of your choice from our Bella Vinyl Wrapped, Flat Slab or Handleless J-Pull ranges. Between them, these ranges of doors include over 80 high gloss, matt, woodgrain, smooth and textured finishes. 

If the doors themselves are ok but you just want to update the handles, we can help with this too! Take a look at our range of handles here. And if you want to know more about different types of handles, check out our recent article Getting a handle on your kitchen.

Replacing your worktops and/or splashbacks

Fitting new worktops is another clever way of making your kitchen look better fast. Worktops add the perfect finishing touch to a kitchen and can help to pull everything together. You may also decide to replace your kitchen splashbacks either as well as, or instead of, your worktops. This can also make a big difference to your kitchen for a relatively small cost.

Check out our fabulous ranges of kitchen worktops and splashbacks here.

Adding a splash of colour

If your kitchen is looking a bit dark and gloomy, why not find ways to add splashes of colour wherever you are able. For example, you may decide to repaint one or more walls, or even some of your existing kitchen cabinets or other kitchen furniture if they are in good enough condition to do so. 

There are also many quick standalone options to add colour throughout your kitchen, such as adding colourful rugs, other accessories, blinds, curtains or wall art to brighten up your kitchen.

Bringing the outside in

A very popular trend is that of bringing the outside in. If you incorporate some natural elements and a variety of green colours in your kitchen it can really freshen things up, as well as bringing a sense of calm to your kitchen. 

Some of the ways you could do this are to display plants or vases of flowers in your kitchen. Even if you use artificial flowers these can look amazing and are also much easier to maintain. If you have no spare space to do this in your kitchen then see if you could either place plants on an outside window sill so that they are visible from your kitchen, or ensure there is other green foliage outside to draw the eye from inside the kitchen. Drawing attention to the outside is another way to bring the outside in.

So, if you want to freshen up your kitchen in 2023, we hope that the above tips are of some help. For further ideas and inspiration, why not take a browse through our gallery of kitchen pictures then decide the things that are going to work best for you.

Do check back here soon for more lifestyle tips from DIY Homefit.