How do you cope with a wardrobe that’s too small?

Expand your wardrobe with stylish sliding wardrobe doors

If you want a more minimalist look for your bedroom in 2023, but only have a small wardrobe, you may feel defeated before you even start.

Just how can you clear away all the clutter from around your bedroom if you have nowhere to put it?

But fear not, help is at hand! There is a lot you can do – even with a small wardrobe – to maximise your storage space.

In this article we share five ways to do just that.


Yes, you knew we would start with that one! But the truth is that most of us have far too much stuff that we don’t need. So why waste precious wardrobe space on it? Go for a ruthless declutter that leaves you just with the things you really love, want, and use. 

Here are five easy steps to get you started on decluttering

  • Put slots in your calendar to do it. Otherwise it won’t happen. Let’s face it, there will always be something more appealing to do!
  • Target one category at a time. Baby steps are the way to go. For example just focus on clothes, shoes or accessories rather than trying to do everything at once.
  • Be ruthless. If you don’t use it regularly, don’t love it, and it has no significant sentimental value, get rid.
  • Create a pending area. You can cut yourself a bit of slack by keeping all the items you are getting rid of somewhere else in your home just for a couple of weeks. See if you miss any of them before finally disposing of them.
  • Reorganise your storage space. Put away the things you are keeping in an organised way, to try and stop the clutter building up again. 

Reconfigure the inside space of your wardrobe

If your wardrobe just contains hanging space, this could mean that much of the bottom half of your wardrobe space is being wasted. Why not reconfigure that space to add drawers or shelving? This would provide much-needed additional storage space without taking away any of your existing space.

Use additional bedroom storage solutions

If you are not able to physically reconfigure the inside of your wardrobe, another option is to make use of additional bedroom storage solutions. In the image below, you can see four potential options to do this. The top row shows a pull down hanging rail on the left, and a sliding door storage rack on the right. Either of these would enable you to store items in an organised and accessible way.

The bottom row shows two different styles of shoe rack, which would easily fit in the bottom of your wardrobe. On the left is a telescopic shoe rack that can extend to different widths, and on the right is a pull out tiered shoe rack with a clever side-fitting design. 

All these items are available from DIY Homefit : check out the Bedroom Storage and Wardrobe Fittings page on our website.

Consider sliding wardrobe doors

Another option to consider is to replace your current wardrobe doors with sliding wardrobe doors. Sliding wardrobe doors can free up space inside your wardrobe by enabling you to easily reach anywhere inside the wardrobe without doors getting in the way.

If you are trying to achieve a more streamlined look to your bedroom, sliding doors can also help you to do this. And also they don’t need any space in front of the wardrobe for the doors to open, so can be a neater solution all round.

Get a made to measure wardrobe

Of course, another way to cope with a wardrobe that’s too small is to replace it with a bigger one. Even if you have a small bedroom, there may well be ways to increase the capacity of your wardrobe space.

One solution is a made to measure wardrobe from DIY Homefit. We can team a wide range of our stunning door finishes with made to measure wardrobes and bedroom units in order to create bedroom furniture that really fits your space. For example in the made to measure wardrobe pictured below, you can see the way the wardrobe fits into the slanted walls, making the most of every inch of space available. 

We hope that the information in this article helps to give you some ideas on how to make the most of your wardrobe space. For more inspiration, have a browse of our gallery of bedroom pictures to help you decide on the style of bedroom you are trying to achieve.

And for more tips on how to improve your home in 2023, check back here with us soon at DIY Homefit.