How to achieve a minimalist bedroom

Smarten up your bedroom with made to measure wardrobes

Do you ever feel like you just have too much stuff? Even if it feels like only 5 minutes since your last declutter, somehow there seems to be even more stuff than you had before!

And then you see images – like the one below – of a wonderful minimalist bedroom, and wonder how on earth you achieve this…

Imagine having a beautiful room in which to rest and relax. One that feels light and spacious and completely minimalistic. In this article we tell you how!

Here are our five steps towards a stunning minimalist bedroom.

Step 1 – Declutter your existing bedroom

This has got to be the first step! Don’t waste time trying to design your new bedroom around too much existing furniture or other unnecessary items. Have a really ruthless declutter to stand the best chance of success. 

Our article What is hiding behind your wardrobe doors? has some excellent tips on how you can make a difference by decluttering.

Step 2 – Maximise your storage space

Hopefully now you should have only the items that you really want to keep. Including a smaller collection of bedroom furniture. The trick now is to maximise the storage space available so that you can start living by the rule of everything having a place, rather than have piles of stuff all around. 

The more enclosed storage space you can have, the better. For example in the image below, the bedroom has huge amounts of storage space but still manages to look chic and minimalistic. 

DIY Homefit can help you to maximise your storage space by creating made-to-measure wardrobes, replacement wardrobe doors, cupboards and chests. This means that you can have fabulous storage even in those awkwardly shaped nooks and crannies.

Step 3 – Simplify your bedroom furniture

If you have large, spacious wardrobes you should not need lots of other bedroom furniture. Keep everything as uncluttered as possible. You can then choose any style and colour of made-to-measure wardrobes and remaining bedroom furniture to achieve a minimalistic look. 

For example, in the first image below there are smooth flat slab wardrobe doors in contrasting colours of fjord green and light grey, for a glossy contemporary look.

The second image below shows a bedroom featuring monochrome sliding wardrobe doors which not only enhance the minimalist effect, but can also be ideal for a smaller bedroom as they don’t need space in front of them for the doors to open out.

Whatever style of wardrobe doors you want, at DIY Homefit you are spoilt for choice! We supply three ranges of top quality hinged made-to-measure wardrobe doors and you can also design and build your own sliding wardrobe doors to get the perfect finish for your minimalist bedroom.

Step 4 – Decorate and accessorise in neutral colours

A good tip for the minimalist look is to choose pale neutral colours for the decor of your room. This will help it to look light and airy, and create the illusion of more space. The less furniture you have in your bedroom, the more the light can radiate around the whole room.

You can also continue the neutral theme in your bedroom soft furnishings, bed linen and accessories. The bedroom pictured below shows acrylic ultragloss wardrobe doors in metallic champagne, with paintwork and soft furnishings in paler neutrals to tone in beautifully.

Step 5 – Enjoy!

This is the step we like best! Once you have your beautiful new minimalist bedroom, you will never want to leave it. But how lovely to have your own special place in which you can completely unwind and leave behind the cares of the day.

The good news is that with great value bedroom furniture and/or made to measure wardrobes from DIY Homefit, your new minimalistic bedroom could soon become a reality, rather than a distant dream. So why not browse through our fabulous gallery of bedroom pictures to get your ideas together, then let DIY Homefit help you to make it happen.

Do check back here soon for more hints and tips from DIY Homefit.