How to make your bedroom cosy this autumn

Smarten up your bedroom this autumn with funky new wardrobe doors

Autumn is well and truly here, and with it come those darker colder nights. They can be a great opportunity to snuggle down in your bedroom – particularly in these times when we are all trying to save energy!

…But if your bedroom is a bit cold and uninviting, or if you are simply a bit bored with the decor, did you know that there are some small changes you can make that can make a huge difference?

In this article we look at five things you can do to make your bedroom cosy this autumn.

Choose a warm colour scheme

If your bedroom feels cold and bland, you can quickly make a big difference to this by changing the colour scheme. Use rich warm autumnal colours such as golds, greens, browns and dark reds. 

Even if you just paint one wall, or perhaps use a feature wallpaper or texture, it can totally transform the look and feel of your room.


If you are not able to redecorate your bedroom, another quick fix is to accessorise your room in warm autumn colours. For example curtains, cushions, throws or rugs can significantly impact the ambience of your room.

You will also find that adding more fabric accessories to the room can affect the acoustics of the room, which can make it feel quieter and cosier, rather than a bit empty and echoey.

Also add some finishing touches such as artwork, photos, lamps, fairy lights and candles – all of which add both warmth and depth to your bedroom.

Bring the outdoors in

One continuing key design trend this year is bringing the outdoors in. This trend grew in popularity during the pandemic, when many of us were unable to go out anywhere much and looked for ways of recreating an outside experience in different ways. 

Bringing the outside in helps to connect with nature and bring a sense of peace and relaxation to a room. And in autumn, incorporating autumn colours and foliages is the thing to do. So look for plants with autumnal colours, and use them to fill your bedroom with life. Also consider artificial plants, which can look just as good and lifelike as real foliage, but are much easier to maintain.

Another option to consider is a feature wall with either a floral or leafy design, which could really add a touch of nature to your room. And of course, any kind of twig design with fairy lights will tick all the boxes!

Harness the power of lights and mirrors

We’ve just referred to fairy lights, but they add instant cosiness and warmth to any environment. Whether you combine them with twigs, drape them round furniture, or display them in jars around the room, they really will add a touch of autumn magic.

Dimmable lighting is also an effective way of cosying up autumn. It can provide the amount of light you need for getting dressed or reading, but can be dimmed for a warmer and less harsh effect.

And never forget the power of mirrors. As well as being a beautiful object in itself, a carefully-placed mirror can help to reflect light all around your bedroom.

Maximise floor space

A spacious, decluttered bedroom can really help you to feel good this autumn. There’s nothing worse than heading to your bedroom for a cosy night, only to be dismayed by all the clutter that is in there. You will be unable to relax. 

So keep your bedroom as decluttered as possible. See our article How to achieve a minimalist bedroom for help with this.

If your bedroom is small, there are still things you can do to maximise floor space. For example, if you have sliding wardrobe doors these can give you more floor space as they don’t need any room in front of them to open out.

And if those sliding wardrobe doors also feature mirrors, this is an extra bonus, as it will reap the benefits of reflecting light around the room that we mentioned earlier.

We hope that this article has given you some fresh ideas as to how to make your bedroom cosy this autumn.

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