Is your bedroom ready for Back To School?

Well it’s not been the best of summers but, even so, many of us will be sad to see it go.

Not only that, but the passing of summer heralds the dreaded Back To School!For many of us, September and the new school year always feel like a fresh start.  Even if your own experience of full-time education is now many years behind you, there is something about those September days – with the hint of autumn in the air – that captures our imagination.

swiss_pear_shakerPerhaps more so than New Year’s resolutions, September seems to present an opportunity for things to be different – and better.

This anticipation can apply to any area of our lives, including the way we organise our homes.  September 2017 will be significant to different people in different ways:  perhaps younger children starting or going back to school, older offspring off to start University or travel or a new job, or just you getting fully back into the daily grind after some time off.  

Whatever your circumstances,  why not take the opportunity to get better organised this autumn?

If you have school-aged children at home, think how much easier your morning routine would be if you could easily find everything that everybody needs to take with them!   How about installing some new fitted wardrobes into the childrens’ bedrooms?  

It would present an ideal opportunity for a major declutter, and the children could then be involved in finding places for everything that they can then be encouraged to stick to.   DIY Homefit has a wide range of  wardrobe designs – including custom fitted wardrobes that can be tailored to make the most of every inch of space.   And with a selection of different options for the interior, tidying up will never have been as much fun!

If older children are fleeing the nest, this gives you an opportunity to reallocate some of the space that they have been using.  In most cases, they will still need space to store “stuff” for the times they are at home, but why not install attractive wardrobes to keep this neat and tidy, and bring a more ordered and minimalistic feel to your home?

If there is now a bedroom that is not often being used, it could perhaps double up as an office or additional living space, whilst still serving as a bedroom when the prodigal returns!


Coming back to those of us who still have that September Back To School feeling ourselves, it might also be the time to think about improving our own bedroom storage to help us get our life in order.  Holidays are a great time to reflect, and most will return with some level of determination to “work smarter not harder”.   Yet once we get back in the hamster wheel of activity it can be so easy to slip back into bad habits of too much work and not enough play.  

One way to change things is to get more organised so that we do not have to waste time on fruitless activity. It is definitely worth spending time decluttering (see our previous blog for tips on decluttering) and installing good quality storage solutions so that we can organise ourselves effectively.  If we can streamline the basics of daily life then that will get us off to a good start each day and hopefully be a step along the journey to a better work-life balance.


Why not take a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures to see how easy it is to get organised with DIY Homefit?   Whatever September has in store for you, DIY Homefit can make it better!