Refurbish your kitchen at a fraction of the cost

September and back to school always feels like a fresh start!

Probably more so than January and its much-heralded New Year Resolutions, September is ingrained in our minds as the chance to have another go and get things right.  Coinciding with the oncoming change of the season it really does feel like new opportunities are possible.

Autumn, just as much as spring, can cause us to look at our homes afresh and realise that change is long overdue.  The problem is that it’s an expensive time of year.  If you have been on holiday this summer you may well have spent rather more than you intended to.   Then many of us have children off to new schools or university or starting their first job – all of which bring yet more expense in their wake.  So the Bank of Mum or Dad may well be running out of reserves at this time of the year – and we’re also horribly aware that Christmas is not that far away!


So what can you do if you’d like to bring a bit of freshness to your home but can’t afford to spend a small fortune?   Fortunately DIY Homefit has the answer!


With our replacement kitchen doors you can achieve the effect of a full kitchen refurbishment at a fraction of the cost.  Why replace cupboards, units and drawers that still have years of life in them?  Much more economical to simply add replacement kitchen doors and drawer fronts and you can have a brand new look without breaking the bank.


At DIY Homefit we have an extensive collection of replacement kitchen doors.   We have three ranges – Bella vinyl wrapped doors, flat slab doors and DIY Homefit Express doors.   Between them they give you the ability to select your own unique combination of design and colour.  All our doors also come in a range of standard sizes or can be custom built to your own measurements.


Let’s take a brief look at each type of door:


Flat slabUltra-Gloss-Cream-Kitchen-c
These contemporary doors have the clean lines of an ultra-modern kitchen.  They are available in nearly 30 glossy or woodgrain finishes.

Browse our full flat slab range here
Bella vinyl wrappedOak-Euroline-Kitchen-c
These versatile doors can be used to create either a traditional or more contemporary look.  They are available in 24 designs and a choice of 35 colours.
Browse our full vinyl wrapped range here
DIY Homefit ExpressPronto-Gloss-Cream-Kitchen-c
Not only does this range features the increasingly popular handleless (J-Pull) doors but they are fast-tracked through the factory in 3 to 6 days.   The handleless doors are available in 11 finishes.  Our Express range also features beautiful panelled/Shaker style doors in a range of 6 finishes.   
Browse our full Express range here


So as autumn approaches, if your kitchen needs a bit of an update then why not make it happen with replacement kitchen doors from DIY Homefit?   Simply choose the range that you like and then proceed through our simple step by step ordering procedure.  Before you know it, your kitchen will be as good as new – and you will still have money left to enjoy the festive season!