Kitchen cabinet trends for 2023

How to choose the best replacement kitchen cabinets for your kitchen

If you’re planning to refresh your bedroom in 2023, a good place to start getting ideas and inspiration is to look New Year is the time when many of us begin to plan how we will improve our homes in the coming year. And the good news is that many improvements can be relatively quick and easy to do, and don’t have to break the bank

Take your kitchen, for example. One way to transform your kitchen is to change your kitchen cabinets. And a very quick and easy way to do this is to keep your existing kitchen cabinet carcasses and just replace the doors.

DIY Homefit supply a wide range of made to measure replacement kitchen cabinets, and three ranges of kitchen cabinet doors:

As you can see, whether you need new kitchen cabinets or just replacement doors, there are many different styles to choose from. So how do you go about making that choice?

To help with your decision-making, let’s take a look at five of the key kitchen cabinet trends for 2023.

The rustic look

There is a growing trend for a bit of nostalgia in the kitchen. So a rustic look, with a wood-style finish, could be a good choice. It is a complete contrast to the bright white or minimalist neutral trends that have been popular for some time now.

 A darker, more rustic look creates a warm ambience, and reminds many of us of our childhood homes – or even our grandparents’ home. 

So for many reasons, a more traditional, rustic look for your kitchen could be a winner in 2023.

Traditional finishes

Whether you go for the complete rustic look, or want something a little more contemporary but with a nod to the past, why not use a bit of tradition as the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen cabinets.

In our recent article Getting a handle on your kitchen, we looked at the best type of kitchen handles for your kitchen. Bar handles, bow handles, cup handles and knob handles can all add a distinctive look to your chosen style of replacement kitchen cabinets. And you can mix and match your cabinet doors with whatever kind of handles you want. 

So, for example,the image below shows our Aldridge range of kitchen cabinet doors in denim and white, and you’ll notice that there are different types of handle on each colour of door. This gives the contemporary style of cabinet a distinctive and traditional finish – and why not?


Glass doors on kitchen cabinets are also growing in popularity, and could be a good choice for 2023. As well as looking very elegant, they reflect light around your kitchen and can make your whole room look brighter and more spacious.

Glass doors can also enable you to add a touch of your personality to the kitchen, as you can curate what you display behind the glass doors. Whether it’s your best crockery or glassware, or unique items each with a story behind them, the transparency of glass doors can really bring your kitchen to life.


Two tone replacement kitchen cabinets are another popular choice for 2023. In fact, two of our images above feature two tone cabinets!

The good news is that you can choose any combination to suit your taste and the style of your kitchen. Our examples above are denim and white, and two different shades of grey. But other popular choices include black and white, grey and white, blue and white and green and white.

If you like the idea of a two-tone kitchen, but prefer to keep the cabinets all one colour, you could have the cabinets one colour then everything else in your kitchen one other colour.

Bright and bold

Last but definitely not least is the bright and bold trend. Nothing is off limits. So whether you fancy bright red, yellow or orange, don’t rule it out. As we saw earlier, our kitchen cabinet doors are available in many different colours, and even include doors that you can paint yourself.

Or you may prefer to stick to a more conventional colour for your replacement kitchen cabinets and add your desired colour(s) to your kitchen walls, other furniture or accessories.

So, if you want to smarten up your kitchen in 2023, why not let DIY Homefit help? You can make a good start by taking a browse through our gallery of kitchen pictures then deciding what styles and colours of kitchen cabinets are going to work for you.

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