How to keep your bedroom tidy all the time!

Create your perfect bedroom in 2023 with new wardrobe doors

If you’re planning to refresh your bedroom in 2023, a good place to start getting ideas and inspiration is to look through our amazing gallery of bedroom pictures.

Changing your bedroom can be quite a daunting prospect, but even by just replacing the wardrobe doors on your existing bedroom furniture you can create a totally different look and feel to your bedroom. 

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However, as you plan to change the decor of your bedroom you may also begin to wonder how on earth you are going to keep it looking good. Despite all your good intentions, are you going to be able to keep it neat and tidy to showcase your new bedroom to its best advantage?

To help you in this, here are five tips on how to keep your bedroom tidy all the time:

Start with a major declutter

We often write about decluttering in this column. But that’s because it’s one of the most important ways to keep your bedroom – in fact, any room in your home – looking at its best.

If you are carrying lots of clutter in your bedroom it’s very difficult for it to look good. So when updating your bedroom, start with a major declutter then try to keep up the momentum by decluttering on a regular basis.

Our previous article What is hiding behind your wardrobe doors? outlined the following 6 simple steps for decluttering:

  • Plan your time and stick to it : unless you are determined to do a declutter and plan when to do it, it won’t happen;
  • Declutter one category or space at a time : focus on decluttering one area well rather than trying to do it all at once and ending up in a mess;
  • Be ruthless : if you don’t love an item or use it regularly, it does not deserve space in your home;
  • Create a pending area : if you are not sure about getting rid of something, put it somewhere else for a couple of weeks to see if you miss it;
  • Dispose of your items mindfully : recycle unwanted items as much as you can (eg give to friends, donate to charity or sell online) so that they can be enjoyed by someone else;
  • Reorganise your storage space : make good use of the space you have to store your reduced amount of items in a better way.

Create a space for everything

There’s a lot of truth in the old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place”. But this is another essential aspect of a tidy bedroom. It is easy to keep a bedroom tidy if you know where everything goes! 

But problems arise if there are things that don’t have a place. Tidying up then becomes a chore because you are trying to think where to put things and squeeze them into where there is no space for them to go.

So after your declutter, plan carefully where to put things. You may want to organise clothes either by category, season or colour. It also makes sense to have your most regularly used things readily accessible , which makes getting them out and putting them away much easier.

Make the most of additional storage facilities, both inside your wardrobe and also open storage as the shown below. Then, when you close your wardrobe doors, you know that everything is tidy and looks good both on the inside and the out.

Put things away straightaway

Another secret to keeping your bedroom tidy is to put things away straightaway. It’s so tempting just to leave clothes lying around when getting changed at the end of a long day. But that’s the start of a slippery slope, and you will soon end up with a heap of clothes that will be a chore to sort out and put away.

So, no matter how tired or busy you are, take an extra minute or two to put things away as soon as they are finished with. Whether it’s in a wardrobe, drawer or laundry basket it’s much better to put them where they belong rather than leave them where they look messy. Having piles of clothes to sort out can also prevent you from relaxing fully in your bedroom, because there is the constant reminder that you need to tidy up!

Also make sure that you take out of the bedroom anything that doesn’t belong in there. Don’t let it become a dumping ground for other stuff like mugs, plates, newspapers, childrens’ toys, or DIY items. Once those things are finished with, move them back where they belong.

Clean regularly

The last tip to keep your bedroom looking tidy is to clean it regularly. This is easier than you might think. Just a gentle dust of the things you choose to display will make them look enticing rather than shabby. And a quick vacuum of the floor will always brighten up the look of the whole room. 

It also helps to make your bed quickly in the morning and arrange any throws or cushions back on top of the bed rather than leaving them on the floor. And flowers only look good if they are fresh, so if you like to have them in the bedroom, make sure you change them regularly. 

A few minutes every day freshening things up can make a huge difference to how appealing your bedroom looks.

Whatever your ideas for refreshing your bedroom in 2023, DIY Homeftit can help. Start by taking a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures to get an idea of how new wardrobe doors could transform your bedroom, and be the perfect showcase for keeping it tidy all the time.

And for other ways to improve your home in 2023, check back here with us soon at DIY Homefit.