Let There be Light!

At last the mornings are getting lighter and the spring sun is beginning to stream through our windows. This can fill us with a renewed sense of optimism and determination. (Yes and also one of shame as all the dirty streaks on the windows are shown in their full glory!) It can set us thinking about the home improvements we want to do this year and makes us want to get on with things.

As you do so, why not incorporate some features that enhance and reflect light around the home so that you can continually reap its positive benefits? So often rooms in our homes can feel dark and dingy and this can have a depressive effect without us realising it. So why not make “let there be light” your DIY mantra!

If you are planning a bedroom makeover then there are many opportunities to bring more light into your room. A contemporary fitted bedroom can miraculously achieve a minimalistic effect that will enable the light to circulate and refract around your bedroom.

Size is not an issue here – fitted small bedrooms can look amazingly uncluttered and much larger than they did when filled with large items of furniture. Be creative about your use of space, for example you may want to consider a corner wardrobe. The more fitted bedroom storage you can include in your room, the more streamlined it will look and you will be delighted with the results!

Apart from streamlining your fitted bedroom furniture, you also need to carefully consider the colours you are going to use. Lighter colours will give an illusion of space. You can create stunning results with either oak or  white fitted bedroom furniture. Using pale neutral colours such as these will really brighten up your bedroom.

A final factor to consider in your choice of wardrobe solutions is mirrors. Many of the fitted wardrobe designs on our website have mirrored doors and these are wonderful for reflecting light and making your bedroom look larger and lighter.

So particularly if you are planning fitted bedroom furniture for small bedrooms then do have a good look at our selection of sliding doors with mirrors as these can have a dramatic effect on the whole ambience of the bedroom.

We hope that these ideas have given you some inspiration as to how you can let more light into your home. Why not have a browse through the images of completed contemporary fitted bedrooms on our website to see just how good your new fitted bedroom could look!  Then perhaps it’s time to spring clean those windows …..

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