A Summer of Sport

So another round of the Six Nations begins! If you are a rugby fan it can never come too soon! If not, you’re probably thinking “not again! The last one has only just finished!!”

The Six Nations always takes place in February and March. (For non-rugby fans the other one you’re thinking of is the Rugby World Cup at the end of last year!). But it brings to mind that 2016 features a summer of sport!

First and foremost there are the Rio Olympics in August,  but we also have Wimbledon Tennis in June, Euro 16 Football in June/July, Tour de France Cycling in July, British and US Open Golf in June/July, US Open Tennis in August/September and of course the Rio Paralympics in September.  To name but a few!

However you feel about sport, you will not be able to avoid it this summer! So why not plan to make the most of it and combine it with some great entertaining. It’s win-win! Those that enjoy the sport can sit and watch it, whilst those that don’t can catch up over a few drinks and something to eat. Plan ahead for this now and you still have plenty of time to make your kitchen ready to enjoy the summer of sport!

If you are not in the position to do a full kitchen refurbishment at this time, but would still like to spruce up your kitchen ready for top class entertaining then think instead about kitchen cupboard replacement doors! If the carcasses (insides) of your kitchen furniture are still in good condition then kitchen cupboard replacement doors are an obvious solution that will make a huge difference.

DIY Homefit provides a wide range of cupboard doors in many different styles and colours, including handleless kitchen doors, vinyl, acrylic, plexiglass and perspex kitchen cupboard doors. Have a browse through our full range here.

If space permits you may also want to consider installing an island in your kitchen. This can provide not only more worktops and storage space but also additional seating – ideal for guests to gather and mingle in your kitchen whether or not the care about the sport! Have a look at some examples of refitted kitchens here to get some ideas of the difference  an island could make in your kitchen.

It’s never too early to plan ahead for summer – particularly this year’s summer of sport. We hope that this article has given you some good ideas about how to get started on improving your kitchen to make sure that your summer parties are the clear winner!

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