New Year Declutter? DIY Homefit’s 7 Steps!

Christmas is over for another year…

And now is the time for putting away all those Christmas decorations – including taking down all the creatively placed lights which seemed such a wonderful idea at the time but now you’re not so sure!

diy-homefit-marie-kondoNew Year is also the time for resolutions.  Some are more realistic than others and many will be long forgotten by this time next year.  But it is an ideal time to develop at least a few new habits, hopefully good ones!

Why not put at the top of your resolutions list to declutter your home this year?   Just think how much easier it would be next Christmas to be able to put up all those Christmas decorations without climbing over mountains of clutter in the process.   Even the joy of being able to find them easily in the first place has got to be worth something!

 Last summer we ran a blog based on Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.  Who knows, maybe someone even gave it to you for Christmas as a subtle hint!  The blog contained some practical advice about decluttering, including DIY Homefit’s Seven Steps to Decluttering which were:

  1. Go through your wardrobe and drawers and put everything that you do not use into black bags.  Be ruthless!  Anything that you have not worn for a while, or that doesn’t fit,  or that you’ve never really liked but felt you should keep …. all of these need to go into one of those bags.
  2. Move the bags into another room for now.  We will deal with them later!
  3. Clean the insides of the wardrobe and drawers so they are nice and fresh and free of dust (and livestock!).
  4. Reorganise the items that are left into a logical order.  Some people like to colour code things, others to put similar types of garments together.  The choice is yours.
  5. Take a break of a week or two and see how much nicer the decluttered storage area is.
  6. When you feel ready check through the bags, just in case there is anything you have been too ruthless about and need to reprieve.  There most probably won’t be!   
  7. All that remains is for the bags now to leave your home.  You may want to sort them into items to sell (eg eBay or car boot sale) and items to give away either to friends or charity shop.  But you will now feel much better when they have gone!

Why not make 2017 the year when you completely declutter your home?  It is an ongoing project that the whole family can be involved in.  Over and above the decluttering you could even open a special bank account for money that you make from the decluttering – by selling goods on eBay for example – then use this money for the best Christmas ever in 2017!

If you need good quality kitchen storage and wardrobe solutions to help store the goods you do want to keep then look no further than DIY Homefit’s excellent product ranges that are both stylish and practical.

A very Happy New Year from all of us at DIY Homefit!