Seasons Greetings!

No, we haven’t totally lost the plot at DIY Homefit! We do know it’s only October. But that does mean that if you want to do a bedroom makeover or kitchen refurbishment in time for Christmas then now is the time to get things moving!

One of the many advantages of DIY furniture is that is it very quick and easy to fit replacement wardrobe doors and kitchen cupboard doors. This means that a bedroom makeover or kitchen refurbishment is very do-able before Christmas. Why not have a browse now through our gallery of kitchens and bedrooms to get some ideas and inspiration?

Just in case you need to justify your new bedroom or kitchen to anyone else, here are 5 good reasons!

  • A brand new bedroom makes life so much easier – and nicer – when having friends and family to stay.
  • More storage in your kitchen always helps – particularly when catering for large numbers.

  • It’s important to keep your home as well presented as possible, both for you to enjoy and in case you decide to sell.
  • Clean fresh rooms are more hygienic and therefore good for your health.

  • It’s an early Christmas present to yourself!

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 17.16.24.png

Whilst planning your new bedroom or kitchen, also think about what you could do with your existing furniture. A recent blog suggested some ideas as to how you can reuse wardrobe doors or kitchen cabinet doors. We would love to hear from you if you do try any of these suggestions or if you have even more creative ways of upcycling! But if the condition is not good enough to reuse, you could always save them to fuel that traditional Guy Fawkes bonfire!

Seasons Greetings from DIY Homefit!