Smashing Splashbacks

Co-ordinated diy kitchen units and splashbacks from DIY Homefit.

There’s been a quiet revolution going on in the world of kitchen design. For those in the know, it’s all about splashbacks!

But what exactly is a splashback and why do you need one?

At its simplest, a splashback is a panel behind the cooker or sink with the aim of protecting your walls from stains from cooking or washing. Splashbacks can be made from a variety of materials but they need to be easy to wipe clean, and also durable and hygienic.

However, splashbacks are now being seen as not just a practical addition to your kitchen but as very much part of the design decision. When fitting a splashback you need to consider:

  • Do you just want a single panel on the wall or would you prefer a long splashback covering the length of the kitchen surface?
  • Do you want a splashback on the wall or would you prefer an upstand, where the edge of the worktop continues upwards to serve as a low level splashback?
  • Would you prefer a high-tech look such as glass, stainless steel or acrylic, or a more natural material such as wood or stone?
  • Do you want a neutral colour that will blend in or a more edgy colour that will stand out?

Bear in mind that splashbacks are usually at eye level so can make a huge difference to the appearance and feel of your kitchen. To illustrate this point, take a look at the images below:

 Venice_opengrain_dark_grey euroline_matt_cashmere
This full-length turquoise splashback above adds a touch of colour to the otherwise neutral kitchen The subtle matt splashback pictured above blends perfectly with the warm tones of the kitchen
 ivory_westbury Tuscany_Tortona-Natural-Oak
The single splashback panel above highlights the range cooker in this traditional country style kitchen The upstand style splashback pictured above adds a sleek and stylish finish to this neat kitchen design

As you can see, some splashbacks run along the complete length of a work surface, others just fit behind the hob and others are of the upstand design. But we’re sure you’ll agree that in all cases they add the perfect finishing touch to the distinctive design of the  kitchen.

So why not join the splashback revolution? At DIY Homefit we supply splashbacks in a wide range of materials and colours. They coordinate perfectly with our ranges of worktops and DIY kitchen units. We can supply splashbacks in a variety of shapes and sizes, including custom made.

Why not browse through our ranges now and start planning how a splashback can transform the look of your kitchen?