Ten Thousand Bedrooms!

At DIY Homefit we recently came across this old song by Dean Martin. The basic idea is that ten thousand bedrooms are all too few. To elaborate:

“If you’re a special kind of dreamer

With a dreamer’s point of view

You need ten thousand bedrooms at least

To do all the dreaming that you got to do

And if you want a special rainbow

Splashing across your skies of blue

You need ten thousand bedrooms at least

And just watch those rainbows come in to view.”

How many bedrooms have you had in your lifetime? Which were the ones that enabled you to dream or to feel relaxed enough to simply watch for rainbows? What are the specific components of your ideal bedroom? If you are planning a bedroom makeover in 2015 then look no further than DIY Homefit! We have everything you could possibly want to create the bedroom of your dreams.

At DIY Homefit we have dozens of different bespoke bedroom designs to care for every whim! Whether you are going for traditional or modern ambience, panelled, gloss or vinyl wardrobe doors to suit every taste. We also have a wide range of matching bedroom furniture – such as beds, headboards, mirrors, stools and blanket boxes – and will feature some of these products in future blogs.

For now, why not spend some time browsing through the rest of this website to find out for yourself the extensive product range we offer. Get your 2015 bedroom makeover off to the best possible start! You may never have ten thousand bedrooms but we can help you create just one that will definitely be a case of quality triumphing over quantity!