5 Top Kitchen Trends for 2015

2015 is already well under way! We thought it would be interesting to do some research on the top trends predicted for kitchen design and kitchen cabinets in 2015. We have combined them into five key pointers to help you plan your brand new kitchen!

Natural Look

There is great emphasis this year on using natural-looking materials for kitchen cabinets and worktops.   A brilliant alternative to natural wood is to use a resilient material such as vinyl wrapped doors with a wood grain finish.  These are available in a wide range of different colours, and can give your kitchen a warm, inviting feel.  Metallic finishes such as brushed aluminium are also popular for worktops, breakfast bars, splashbacks and upstands.

Open Plan

The trend for openness continues. This applies both to the layout of the kitchen – e.g. its positioning relative to the dining room and other living space – and the furniture within the kitchen itself. More and more homes are featuring the kitchen as part of the dining room or open plan living/dining room. If this is the case this means that the kitchen is very visible and some elements of the decor of the kitchen need to be consistent with the rest of the living space. Whether this is the same colours or similar furnishing effects is totally up to you, but needs to be borne in mind so that the area flows.

Within the kitchen there is also a continuing trend for open shelving as a storage solution as well as simply for display. This can give the kitchen an ambience that is warm and cosy yet at the same time minimalistic.

Modern and Traditional

An increasingly popular trend is the combination of modern and traditional elements. From kitchen cabinets to colours, materials and textures – anything goes! How about mixing the styles of your kitchen cabinets or combining wood grain style cabinet doors with stainless steel or marble effect worktops.   Also treat your items of kitchen furniture as pieces of furniture to be treasured rather than functional items that are just to be used for food preparation and cooking. There are so many beautiful designs in kitchen furniture these days that it’s good to treasure and showcase them rather than treating them merely as workstations.

Monochrome colours

There is an interesting resurgence in the popularity of monochrome colours. All-white kitchens are as popular as ever, with their fresh neutral feel, but more and more people are also looking to the other end of the spectrum and choosing black as the dominant colour. Another strong contender is grey, which is now a more popular neutral than the beige and cream variations of the last few years.

Shaker style

Last but by no means least is the continuing popularity of the Shaker-inspired kitchens. This simple, timeless look is enhanced by the beautiful texture of wooden kitchen cabinets with panelling. This style can complement either a classic or more contemporary design of kitchen, and will never go out of fashion.”

Whatever your preferred style of kitchen, we hope that you will enjoy browsing through DIY Homefit’s website and finding lots more potential ideas for your new kitchen.