The most popular bedroom colours in 2021

Wardrobe doors in the colour of your choice

Autumn is on its way, and it’s an ideal time to update your bedroom in plenty of time for the festive season. It’s ok, we won’t use “the C word” just yet! But if you are planning to make changes to your bedroom, what are your thoughts about colour?

It can be easy just to stick with the same colours that you already have. But what about being brave and trying something completely different?

Let’s look at some of the most popular bedroom colours so far in 2021. 


Earthy neutrals

The last 18 months have been unsettling times, and many people are seeking security and comfort. This is reflected in the growing demand for earthy neutral tones such as brown, tan or warm beige. Such shades also dovetail with the growing awareness of environmental issues, and can help us to feel that we are getting back to nature.

The bedroom pictured below features Bella Vinyl Wrapped Broadway wardrobe doors in Matt Dakkar and Mussel. We love the eclectic blend of different neutrals that gives this graceful room such a warm and inviting look.



Going green

Building on the environmental and back to nature themes we just mentioned, greens are also proving very popular in 2021. Whether you prefer a fresh soft green, a more striking olive green, or a restful deep dark green, green is a colour that can breathe new life into the most tired of bedrooms.

The bedroom below features Flat Slab wardrobe doors in Valore Fjord, a beautiful pale restful green that is then contrasted with silvers and greys for a serene and peaceful ambience.



Bright blues

Blue has always been a popular colour for bedrooms, particularly pale blue. It is a calming colour, and again brings a sense of back to nature by reminding us of the sea. But this year, bolder and brighter blues have become more popular. They give a very contemporary look to bedrooms whilst still being easy on the eye.

We love the example below, which features Acrylic Ultragloss wardrobe doors in Baltic Blue & Black. The room is stylish and contemporary, whilst still being warm and welcoming.



Warm reds

Many people tend to shy away from red for the bedroom, considering it either too bright or too aggressive to be restful. But bright red can look fabulous in the right context, for example the sliding wardrobe doors shown below. Warmer, richer, reds – such as burgundy or plum – can also create a luxurious ambience in the bedroom.

So why not consider mixing and matching different reds with other colours to achieve just the unique effect that you are looking for. This is particularly easy to do with our sliding door designer which gives you complete control over the style, colour and finish of your wardrobe doors.


Whatever your colour preference DIY Homefit can help you to find just the right bedroom look for you. Because remember, when considering colour, you are not just talking about paint colours for walls, but also your bedroom furniture and flooring too. 

Don’t be afraid to mix different colours together. As some of the above images show, you can create some striking combinations by pushing out the boundaries in terms of which colours are traditionally used together.

When considering your bedroom furniture, remember that DIY Homefit supplies bedroom furniture, including headboards, footboards, mirrors, tables and stools, all of which match our Bella Vinyl Wrapped hinged wardrobe doors. Our Vinyl Wrapped door range is available in 23 designs and 35 colour options.

We also have two other fabulous ranges of wardrobe doors

So, if you are planning a bedroom upgrade, why not take a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures to get some ideas for the colours you are looking for, then choose your wardrobe doors from one of the above ranges.

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