Is your home ready for the big Back to School?

Organise your family kitchen with DIY Homefit kitchen cabinets

How can it be almost September already?! 2021 has been a very strange and difficult year. Particularly in the early part of the year it seemed to drag on and on. Every day felt just the same as the one before. But somehow September is here.

And of course September means Back to School.

For all our sakes, let’s hope that the 2021-2022 academic year is not disrupted as the previous two years have been. And, in light of that, let’s make this September’s Back to School the best yet!

In many ways we plan like clockwork for Back to School. Uniform: check. Equipment: check. Stationery: check. But what we often overlook is the importance of getting into a good Back to School morning routine so that everything goes smoothly. A routine that you can also stick to and will make your mornings easier from now on.

Here are three tips to get your home ready for the big Back to School.


Work out your timings

First of all make sure you know what time your child has to be in school. Don’t rely just on what they tell you! Then you need to work back from there to determine what time they need to leave to get to school on time? Always build in contingency time because, however they travel, there will almost always be something to delay them en route.

Ensure that your child knows the time they have to leave home and that you then help them to get up in time to get ready without rushing. Build in time for breakfast too: check out our recent article Wave Goodbye to Boring Breakfasts for some creative ideas on this.

As well as relying on alarms and clocks on phones, why not invest in a stylish large kitchen clock so that everyone is constantly aware of the time. We love the one below, which complements our kitchen cabinets with 5-piece panelled Oakgrain Dakkar doors.




Get everything ready the night before

This is something that we always set out intending to do but it gradually fizzles out. And yes it can be a drag having to do it every night. But just think how much stress and hassle it will save in the morning routine. Going through the school bag the night before can also give you peace of mind that you have not missed any important letters, forgotten next day’s cake sale or realised that your child’s trainers have gone mouldy!

Perhaps try to build this into your evening dinner routine: uniforms laid out, homework and school letters checked, bags packed. You can then all wind down before bedtime, knowing that everything is under control for tomorrow.

In the process of doing all this you may find that you need a bit more surface space in your kitchen. One option to help with this is to consider installing a kitchen island, such as the one shown below, which features our Shaker kitchen cabinet doors in ivory.



A place for everything and everything in its place

Last but not least. The morning routine will be so much easier if everything that is needed to get ready is at hand. This is where DIY Homefit can help. Our kitchen cabinets and kitchen storage solutions can enable you to easily add some much needed extra storage space to your kitchen.

You can then arrange everything so that all the essential bits and pieces are easy to grab hold of when needed but also stored neatly away so that your kitchen is not cluttered. We love the example below of a stunning family kitchen featuring kitchen cabinets with Handleless J-Pull doors in Gloss White. A practical design with plenty of room for all the family, but no clutter in sight!

Express-Gloss-White (1)



Good luck with the big Back to School! We hope that it goes well for you and your family. 

And if you realise you need a bit more storage space in your kitchen, do check out our range of kitchen cabinets to see DIY Homefit can help you get your kitchen ready for Back to School. 

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