The space saving magic of sliding doors

Create more bedroom space with easy to install sliding wardrobe

If you have been spending more time at home over the last year it’s almost certain that by now you will be feeling the need for more space. This applies to every area of your home, but as winter moves into spring you’re probably particularly aware of a lack of wardrobe space.

You are starting to try and find a few spring-like clothes, but they are squashed at the back of your wardrobe, behind all the coats. Even if you could remember what was actually there, you’d have problems getting to it.

At DIY Homefit we have an ideal solution: sliding wardrobe doors. They really can transform the look and feel of your bedroom, and also help you to organise your clothes much more easily and save time trying to find things. 

Let’s take a look at three ways they can do this.


1. You can see more of the inside of your wardrobe at once

It’s so frustrating when your wardrobe door doesn’t quite open up wide enough for you to get to those items right in the corner. But with sliding wardrobe doors you have the flexibility to slide them along to ensure that the exact section you want to see is fully visible. 

So if you had a three door wardrobe like the one pictured below, you have plenty of scope to rummage around in there and find exactly what you are looking for. It also makes it easier to organise your clothes, for example into items, styles or colours, because you have equal access to every part of the wardrobe.

Incidentally, if you choose a light or mirrored design for your sliding wardrobe doors, such as the 

Pearl White Glass and Bronze Mirrored style shown below, this can also have the additional benefit of opening up the room by making it look much lighter and brighter.




2. You can make use of every inch of space inside your wardrobe

The next benefit of sliding wardrobe doors is that they enable you to use every inch of space inside your wardrobe. You don’t need to allow space for the hinged door fixtures inside the wardrobe, and you will also gain space in front of the wardrobe as there is no door to open out. 

So if you have sliding wardrobe doors you can design the inside of your wardrobe in any way that you want to. Below you can see an example of DIY Homefit bedroom storage solutions that would fit perfectly into your new extended wardrobe.

3. You don’t have to squeeze round a door to see inside your wardrobe

We’ve already mentioned that with sliding wardrobe doors you don’t need to allow space in front of your wardrobe for the doors to open out. This also means that there is no door to squeeze around, hold open, or bump into when you are getting stuff in and out of the wardrobe. Which is particularly useful when you are in a hurry to get ready in the morning. Your sliding door will simply glide to one side and enable you to get out what you need without obstruction.


Design your own sliding wardrobe doors with DIY Homefit

As if all the above isn’t enough in itself, there is more good news! At DIY Homefit you are able to design your own customised sliding wardrobe doors so that you get the look that you really want.

We can provide sliding wardrobe doors in a wide range of frame designs and colours, glass panels, Lacobel glass, flat and bevelled mirrors, MFC board, Egger board, Kronospan board; plus special finishes including glitters and 3D foils. You can use DIY Homefit’s Sliding Doors Designer and Builder to design your sliding wardrobe doors exactly the way you want them to be.


sd_fuchsia (4)

So why not look through our bedroom pictures to see a few ideas for sliding wardrobe doors to help you to get started. Then browse through our ranges of sliding door materials and finishes to choose the perfect combination for your very own sliding wardrobe doors.

Good luck with your new wardrobe! And do check back here soon for more lifestyle tips from DIY Homefit.