Your Post Lockdown Kitchen

Create your dream kitchen easily with replacement kitchen cabinets

It’s now a year since the first Covid lockdown, and during that time so many plans have had to change. Perhaps you were thinking about a new kitchen before lockdown but, due to the practical and financial issues caused by the pandemic, it hasn’t happened yet.

If this is the case, hopefully your plans will be able to go ahead as lockdown restrictions ease and many businesses are able to reopen again. But what you may find is that living through the pandemic has influenced the kind of kitchen that you now want to have. 

For many of us, the kitchen has become the heart of the home during lockdown like never before. Not only is it where food is prepared and served, but for some families it has become the hub where home working and/or home schooling has been taking place. For others the kitchen has become a place of refuge, an additional living area to escape to for some peace and quiet if other rooms are being used by the rest of the family. 


If your kitchen is not really designed for these additional uses then perhaps it’s time to rethink that design? Especially if members of your household are going to continue working from home, or you quite like having an additional area of living space, you need to incorporate these needs into your new kitchen. Also, as lockdown restrictions ease, we are all looking forward to socialising with friends and family again. So why not make your kitchen an area where you can do that even if you are on cooking duties?

Let’s take a look at some kitchen designs that enable your kitchen to become a multi-functional space whilst still looking stylish. Even if you can’t extend the space occupied by your kitchen, you can still reconfigure its existing layout to better suit your needs.

Additional seating areas in your kitchen

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you may want to consider creating additional seating areas. The image below shows a kitchen with a stylish island. The island matches the Oakgrain White kitchen cabinets which are from our Bella Vinyl-Wrapped Doors range.

A kitchen island is a valuable multi purpose feature. Not only does it provide an area to sit, but also serves as an additional preparation and storage area. And when you have guests, it is an ideal hub for you to chat to people over a drink whilst still being able to keep an eye on things in the kitchen.

Oakgrain-White (1)

The image also shows a sofa area close to the island. Having a sofa in your kitchen can be a clever way of using up dead space and will turn out to be incredibly useful. Whether for guests, or to give you a quick break from kitchen duties, or for those times your kids decide they actually do want to talk to you NOW but you’re in the middle of trying to do five things at once . . . . . a kitchen sofa will earn its keep in no time at all.


A kitchen table

During lockdown, a kitchen table has been a godsend for many families. As well as for eating, it is likely to have stepped up to meet a range of other needs including work and schooling – and storing piles of related stuff. Not to forget, of course, that great lockdown favourite, baking! 

But isn’t a kitchen table something that these days is a bit old-fashioned? In minimalist contemporary kitchens, surely high stools and kitchen surfaces are more in keeping?

The kitchens pictured below, shows that a table can be a stylish addition to even the most contemporary looking kitchens.

The kitchen below left features kitchen cabinets with our Lacarre Gloss White Handleless J-Pull doors. The table and chairs complement the colours and style of the rest of the kitchen. They are small enough not to take up too much space in the kitchen, but even a larger table would not look out of place here.

On the right is a stunning contemporary kitchen that has a more traditional large wooden kitchen table. The wood dovetails beautifully with the overhead beams, and blends well with the Acrylic Ultra Gloss kitchen cabinet doors in Baltic Blue.                       

Express-Gloss-White (1)    Ultragloss-Baltic-Blue-Ultragloss-Light-Grey (1)

Clear your kitchen worktops

One of the key things to do if you are transforming your kitchen into a more multi purpose area is to minimise the amount of items that you have lying around the kitchen. The more that you can clear kitchen worktops and surfaces and put stuff away, the easier it will be for everyone to use the kitchen for different activities at different times. 

This means being ruthless about what you keep in your kitchen, then making sure that everything has a place, and everyone knows where that place is. You may need to be strict about allocating specific space in your kitchen cabinets for different people’s stuff.

Fortunately at DIY Homefit, we can provide custom made kitchen cabinets, and also a wide variety of storage solutions for inside those cabinets. We reckon we have the solution to help you with pretty much any kind of kitchen storage issue, so do take a browse through the kitchen cabinet and kitchen storage sections of our website to find what just you are looking for.


We are all looking forward to much to the end of lockdown, and we hope that everything goes well for you and your family. At DIY Homefit, we are here to help you create a new kitchen that ticks all the post-lockdown boxes. So why not have another look at some of our fabulous kitchen pictures and start planning your 2021 post-lockdown kitchen.