Time for a kitchen upgrade? || Replacement Kitchen Cupboards

DIY Homefit: your top choice for quality and value replacement kitchen cupboards

Upgrading is everywhere! Whether we’re talking about phones, computer operating systems, apps, bank accounts, club memberships or a whole host of other products and services – upgrading is THE thing. It seems that as soon as you purchase a new product of any kind then it is upgraded and you are already one step behind the rest of the cool gang!

It can also seem that way in the home. We all have that one friend who is forever “doing things” to their home. To some extent every home is a work in progress – no sooner do you finish a round of decorating than it’s time to start all over again! But some people seem to take it to extremes and are not satisfied unless they are constantly demolishing or rebuilding or extending …. but do they ever get time to enjoy the fruits of their labours?

At DIY Homefit we take a more balanced approach. We fully understand the desire that we all have to improve their home and keep things bright and fresh. Yet on the other hand we know that in today’s uncertain times, money is tight for many of us and there may not be a huge budget available for home improvement. Also many of us are working harder than ever and simply do not have the time or energy to devote to major home improvement projects. This is where DIY Homefit can help!

If your kitchen is in need of an upgrade then how about giving it an instant uplift with replacement kitchen cupboards? This will not be anywhere near as expensive or time consuming as a full kitchen refurbishment but will make a huge difference! At DIY Homefit we can supply complete kitchen cupboards, or if your current carcasses are in good condition you could just fit replacement doors onto your existing kitchen cupboards.

That’s exactly that this customer did and just look at the difference new doors can make:

diy homefit replacement kitchen cupboards

Either way, our extensive collection of replacement kitchen doors comes in a choice of three different ranges:

  • Flat Slab-Front Doors – for the sleek clean lines of an ultra-modern kitchen.
  • Vinyl Wrapped Doors – our ever popular Bella range: available in 24 designs and a choice of 35 colours.
  • DIY Homefit Express Doors – your choice of Handleless J-Pull Doors and Panelled/Shaker Style Doors both of which can be fast-tracked through the factory in 3 to 6 days.

All the above collections are available in a variety of finishes and colours, and they all come in a range of different size combinations including custom-built. Why not browse through our gallery of finished kitchen pictures to see just how good they look! Like these stunning WARWICK Replacement Kitchen Doors in Oakgrain Mussel:

diy homefit oakgrain_mussel_warwick

So if it’s time for a kitchen upgrade this spring then look no further than DIY Homefit! With kitchen cupboards and replacement cupboard doors readily available at a fraction of the cost you might have expected to pay, your upgrade may be a lot sooner than you think!