Wave goodbye to boring breakfasts!

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Do you sometimes find it difficult to think of what to have for breakfast? Especially if you have a family to feed, you can find yourself running out of ideas and doing the same thing day in and day out. Which, if your kids are fussy eaters, can literally be a recipe for disaster!

So now we’re in the middle of school holidays, why not take the opportunity to rethink breakfast? If you could find a few easy and fun breakfasts that everyone enjoys, and get into the groove of making them now, it will make life much easier once the kids go back to school again.

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So we’ve done some scouting around and have three fun breakfast ideas to share with you. 


Three fun breakfast recipes

  • French toast rolls

Just use ordinary white bread, with the crusts cut off. Put a filling of your choice – for example fruit, soft cheese, chocolate spread – on one end of the bread, covering about a third of the bread. Now just roll them up, coat with beaten egg, and heat in a shallow frying pan or skillet lined with butter. When cooked, you can roll in cinnamon or sugar if you have a sweet tooth, or leave them plain if not.

  • Fruit croissant puff

Chop up a couple of large croissants into small pieces, and mix in a baking dish with fruit such as blueberries. Mix a packet of cream cheese with 2 eggs, half a cup of sugar and a cup of milk, and pour this over the croissants and fruit. This dish can be prepared in advance and just needs to be baked for around half an hour.

  • Breakfast casserole

Mix a large pack of hashbrowns, medium carton of cottage cheese, 2 cups grated cheddar cheese, 2 cups chopped ham or sausage, and some chopped green chilies (if you like things spicy). Place into a large baking tray. Then beat 12 eggs and pour over the mixture. Bake for around an hour.

All the above recipes are adapted from the US website The Girl Who Ate Everything. We chose three different types of recipe: one sweet, one fruity, and one savoury. Hopefully they will provide some inspiration to try some different breakfast combinations and then perhaps start creating your own variations on those themes.

But to make breakfast as stress-free as possible, you also need to make sure that your kitchen is set up in the best way possible for your family to enjoy breakfast together. Let’s look at three ways you can do this.


Three ways to make breakfast time easier in your home

  • Self-serve stations

Try to arrange your kitchen so that all the family can help themselves as much as possible. One thing that can really help is to have drinks in a separate place from where you are eating. It means that everyone can help themselves to whatever they want to drink without having to reach over anyone else. Which also reduces the risk of spillages.



  • Clear the kitchen the night before

It is a really good idea to get into the habit of clearing up the kitchen properly every evening. This means that you have a clear run at things at breakfast time. It may take time to get into this routine but it is well worth it. 

It is also a good opportunity to involve everyone in the family by giving them a job to do. Ideally by the time you all go to bed your kitchen should have clear work surfaces, an unloaded dishwasher, and empty bins. All of these will make the breakfast process easier the next morning.

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  • Prepare in advance

Most of the recipes we looked at above can be prepared in advance. So if you get the chance to do this the night before, take it. Again, it’s a good opportunity to involve the kids in food preparation, so why not give it a go!

By getting into the habit of doing a bit of forward planning, your family breakfast times could become much less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.


If you enjoy spending time together in your kitchen as a family, why not think about whether it could do with a bit of an update to make it even better for your needs? 



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Soon you may not just be waving goodbye to boring breakfasts but outdated kitchens too!

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