The best wardrobe doors for 2021

Update your home with stunning new wardrobe doors

Now that Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted and things are moving again, it feels like the right time to catch up with those home improvement projects that we’ve been planning for a while but which had to be put on hold.

But of course the restrictions have been in place in various ways for a long time now. So if you are planning to replace anything in your home, maybe it is worth taking time to look around at what is available now that may not have been previously. Just to make sure you are getting the best option for your home.

If you are planning to update your bedroom, an easy and economical way to do this is by replacing your wardrobe doors. This can be better than installing new wardrobes in various ways. 

Let’s take a look.

Five advantages of replacement wardrobe doors

  • Cost 

It is much cheaper to buy replacement wardrobe doors than completely new wardrobes. You are only paying for what you need rather than replacing components unnecessarily.


  • Environmentally friendly

Why throw away perfectly good sections of furniture? If it is just the doors that need replacing, or you want to transform the look of your bedroom, the rest of the wardrobes can be reused.


  • Flexibility

You can choose the style and colour of wardrobe doors that you want. At DIY Homefit we supply three ranges of top quality made-to-measure hinged wardrobe doors and also custom built sliding wardrobe doors, all at affordable prices.


  • Speed

With replacement wardrobe doors there is minimum waiting time before enjoying your new look bedroom. You can order your DIY Homefit replacement wardrobe doors online and once they are delivered they can usually be fitted within a day.


  • Simplicity

It is much easier to replace wardrobe doors than to tear out complete wardrobes and rebuild them. It may well be a job that you could do yourself rather than paying someone else to do it. However, if you do want a professional to fit them for you, you can use DIY Homefit’s Find a Fitter service to find a list of recommended fitters in your area.

Once you have made the decision to have replacement wardrobe doors, you get to the fun part. Choosing the design! Let’s look at five popular trends in wardrobe doors.


Five current trends in wardrobe doors

  • Japandi

You may not have heard the word but you will certainly have seen the trend. Japandi refers to a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles. Resulting in a look that is very cool and minimalistic. A beautiful and timeless design. 

The image below shows wardrobe doors in Magma Titanium & Ultragloss Metallic Champagne.



  • Texture and decor

Many people love to have a textured or decorated surface on their wardrobe doors. It can add aesthetic interest to the design of your doors and exude warmth and depth to the room. 

Below you can see beautifully designed wardrobe doors in Valore Boston Concrete and Anthracite. The subtle design adds the perfect finishing touch to this elegant bedroom.



  • Back to nature

Natural and neutral colours are very popular at the moment. Surrounding yourself with shades of green can help to decrease your heart rate and make you feel less stressed. Complemented with warm earthy hues, it’s a winning combination for a mood-boosting bedroom!

The image below shows replacement wardrobe doors in Valore Fjord and Light Grey. The pale green wardrobe doors tone in beautifully with the neutral tones of the rest of the room, creating a stylish yet restful ambience.



  • Crittall

Another term you may not recognise but the style will be familiar. Crittall is a clear glass door or window with black steel frames, as in the windows reflected in the image below. 

Crittall doors are becoming popular for use as internal doors, either between rooms or to break up a large open plan room. Crittall style can also be used for external doors and for windows.

The good news is that with DIY Homefit’s sliding door designer, you could create your own version of Crittall doors very easily. The example below shows a polished ridged frame with red glass, but we have 27 different colours of glass and many different panel materials and configurations on offer. So you can design your own sliding wardrobe doors in any combination of your choice.



  • Vintage and Retro

The final trend we want to look at is the growing popularity of vintage and retro. Described by some as “grandmillennial” it is a design concept combining the best of modern-day design with lots of retro elements thrown in. So think chintzy and floral designs and lots of bright colours. No minimalism here! But at the same time, everything needs to be top quality and completely functional.

The bedroom in the image shown below is tiptoeing into grandmillennial style, with its wallpaper, floral rugs and throw, coloured cushions and trouser press. It looks cosy and welcoming but still stylish and very functional. 

The wardrobe doors shown here are our Gothic doors in Lissa Oak. They are also available in our full range of vinyl wrapped finishes, which includes colours such as blush pink, denim blue, dakar (olive green) and even a paintable vinyl so that you can create your own design.



So, if you are planning a bedroom upgrade, why not consider replacing your wardrobe doors as part of the plan? Start by taking a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures to get some ideas for the kind of style of wardrobe doors that would work for you. Then use our easy online ordering process to move things forward.

Remember to check back here soon for more lifestyle tips from DIY Homefit.