What to take to uni!

DIY kitchen units and other student storage solutions from DIY Homefit

A-level results day is an enormously significant time for so many families. Those results can determine not only the short term future of your son or daughter but can ultimately influence their longer-term life decisions. That doesn’t mean we should feel disheartened if the results are not quite as expected: sometimes what can seem like “Plan B” can turn out to be so much better than the original Plan A!


But if your son or daughter’s results mean that they are about to head off to university then there is lots of planning to be done. Whatever their accommodation situation, they are likely to need additional storage solutions to accommodate the vast quantity of stuff that is apparently essential to their day to day existence. Here’s where DIY Homefit can help.


Kitchen units

It may not seem an obvious choice but many DIY kitchen units could be used as a stand alone item rather than being built into a larger arrangement. At DIY Homefit we have a wide range of kitchen cabinets with different combinations of drawers and shelves. These DIY kitchen units come in many different widths and heights and most can even be custom made. So they should be able to fit into whatever space is available in your son or daughter’s room.


Desk organisers

At DIY Homefit we also have a variety of drawer boxes, cutlery trays and utensil organisers. All of these would be suitable for fitting into a desk drawer and helping to organise all your son or daughter’s bits and pieces – from pens and stationery items to make up, earrings, techie gadgets or guitar picks!

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Wardrobe storage

Most uni accommodation contains wardrobes that are somewhat smaller than your son or daughter may be used to at home! So it’s a good idea to find some storage solutions that will help them to make the most of their wardrobe space. At DIY Homefit we offer a range of wardrobe storage solutions including hanging rails, sliding racks and shoe racks. We featured some of these in our recent article How to give your partner more wardrobe space so why not check out that article to find out more about these invaluable ways to expand your wardrobe space.


We hope that A-level results day is good news for your son or daughter and that if they are going to uni they get off to a flying start. For all the above storage solutions and more, look no further than DIY Homefit!