What’s new in kitchens for 2022?

Transform your kitchen with on-trend kitchen cabinets

It’s that time of year when we look forward to seeing the back of winter and the arrival of spring. And many of us find that we start wanting to make changes to our homes. If your kitchen is looking a little dated, perhaps it’s time for a change… But if you are not in the position for a complete kitchen refurbishment, it can be difficult to decide what kind of simple changes will make the biggest difference. To help you with this, we’ve identified five of the most popular trends in kitchens at the moment. Incorporating a few of them could totally transform the look and feel of your kitchen without incurring huge expense in the process.

Create more seating areas

Even before the Covid pandemic, many families were using their kitchens not just to prepare, cook and eat food but also as the hub of the home. A place where the family could spend time together, and also where guests could gather informally over drinks and nibbles.
Then during the first lockdown, many kitchens had to serve as multifunctional spaces to incorporate working from home and home schooling. This has led to an increased desire to create more seating areas in kitchens for both family and work activities. Even if your kitchen is small, there may be opportunities to create additional seating, for example a small sofa, armchair or kitchen island. Whatever you manage to fit into the space available, you can be sure it will be well-used, and in no time at all you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Create more storage

You can never have too much storage in your kitchen! Particularly if it is now operating as a multi-functional area as we just explored. So one great way to update your kitchen is to create more storage. We’ve already mentioned kitchen islands, and this can be a great storage solution even in a small kitchen. Another good move is to either fit new kitchen cabinets or reconfigure your existing ones with some practical storage solutions that provide more internal space without having to dismantle your whole kitchen. If you have any unused wall space in your kitchen you may also want to consider installing new tall kitchen cabinets to serve as a pantry, which are both practical and very on trend at the moment.
Whatever your style of kitchen, open kitchen storage – such as the shelving pictured below – can also creates the opportunity for you to curate a display of relevant items, and add a touch of personality to the hub of your home.

Colour it in

A splash of colour can totally change your kitchen. And when thinking of colour, don’t be afraid to consider a broader range than traditional kitchen colours. Two very popular kitchen colours at the moment are green and blue. They both bring a fresh yet calming ambience into your kitchen. Whether you prefer darker or paler colours, there are so many shades to choose from. You can either paint your walls in one of these colours or change some or all of your kitchen cabinet doors. Whatever you choose, you will certainly notice the difference!

Add a touch of metal

Metallic trims – such as gold, brass, and bronze – are very popular at the moment. So another option is to replace some or all of your kitchen handles with something metallic. At DIY Homefit we supply a wide range of kitchen handles, many of which have metallic finishes. As you can see from the image below, changing the handles can completely revitalise your existing kitchen cabinets and provide the perfect finishing touch to your updated kitchen.

Go retro

Another key trend at the moment is retro kitchens. The contemporary, minimalist Scandi look is also still popular, but you may choose to do something totally different. Whether you decide to replace your kitchen cabinet doors, worktops and splashbacks or your flooring, you can give your kitchen the retro feel quite quickly and easily.
So if you would like to update your kitchen to make it smarter and more on-trend, we hope that some of the above ideas will inspire you to get things moving. Why not get more inspiration by taking a look at our gallery of kitchen pictures, and finding out more about how DIY Homefit can help you create your new kitchen in 2022. Do check back in with us soon for more lifestyle tips from DIY Homefit.