Transform your bedroom in 2022

Update your bedroom this January with new wardrobe doors

We are at that time of year when memories of Christmas and New Year begin to fade, and life settles back into the same old routines. In fact the third Monday in January is commonly known as Blue Monday and is meant to be the saddest day of the year…

This is apparently due to a combination of the aftermath of Christmas (including overspending), the dark cold weather and perhaps also realising that not all your New Year resolutions are going to happen.

Whether or not any day is better or worse than any other is debatable, but for all the above reasons it’s definitely good to have something to look forward to. And if you had time off over the festive season you may have come to realise that your bedroom is looking a little tired?

So why not make 2022 the year when you transform your bedroom from a place where you just sleep to a place where you actively want to spend time. A place of your own.

Five ways to transform your bedroom in 2022

The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to transform your bedroom into that place. Here are five ways that you can really make a difference. Even if you just do one or two, you will see a noticeable improvement. But if you manage to do all five you will have a beautiful new bedroom in no time at all.

Be bold with colour

Traditionally, bedrooms tend to be decorated in pale colours such as cream, white, or perhaps baby blue or lemon. But there is a growing trend for darker and more moody colours, so this is something that you may want to consider for 2022. Colours such as dark brown, black and grey are becoming very popular, with grey set to become a top favourite.

If you are worried about a darker colour making the room too gloomy, you could combine it with lighter shades of wardrobe doors, bedroom furniture and bedding, as shown in the image below.

Update your wardrobe doors

You don’t have to completely rip out your existing bedroom to transform it. An economical and environmentally-friendly way to do this is to simply change your wardrobe doors

In our recent article The Best Wardrobe Doors for 2021, we explored various trends in wardrobe doors. These include:

  • Japandi
  • Texture
  • Back to nature
  • Crittall
  • Vintage and Retro 

We love the PISA wardrobe doors shown in the image below, in an on-trend combination of Hi-Gloss Light Grey and Dust Grey.

Whatever your taste, DIY Homefit will have the perfect wardrobe doors to transform your bedroom! We supply three ranges of made-to-measure hinged wardrobe doors and also custom built sliding wardrobe doors. All our doors are high quality yet competitively priced.

Mix and match

Another trend we think you will like is to combine mixed and matched styles in your bedroom. A more traditional bedroom will have everything matching, but you can really brighten up your bedroom by mixing up the styles a little. This brings a quirky touch to the room and enables you to stamp your personality on it.

Our recent article Bedroom Furniture Mix or Match? contains various ideas on how to do this. As well as having contrasting items of furniture you can mix up the styles even more with additional items such as lighting, blinds, soft furnishings and artwork.

Maximise your storage space for a minimalistic feel

Many of us long for the minimalist look in our bedroom but then think of all the stuff lying around and despair that it will never happen! But it can.

The two main secrets to a minimalist bedroom are:

  • Declutter regularly

The word declutter can be very daunting. But thankfully decluttering doesn’t mean getting rid of absolutely everything and living with a five part capsule wardrobe for the rest of your life! It’s just a case of freeing up space that is being taken by things you no longer want or need. 

Our recent article What is Hiding Behind Your Wardrobe Doors? has lots of hints and tips about how to declutter. And if you do this regularly, it will make your bedroom a much more relaxing place to be.

  • Maximise your storage space

The second secret to a minimalistic bedroom is to maximise the amount of storage you have available. This is where DIY Homefit can help. Our ranges of custom built wardrobes ensure that you make the most of every inch of spare space in your bedroom, and do it in style!

Particularly if your bedroom is small, you may want to consider sliding wardrobe doors as they are much more economical on floor space than hinged wardrobe doors. Contemporary sliding wardrobe doors come in a wide range of finishes, and can even include LED lighting as in the example below.

Add a personal touch

Another way you may want to transform your bedroom is by giving it a unique personal touch. This is very on-trend at the moment and is easy and cheap to do.

Some examples of how to do this are:

  • Stencilling – personally designed patterns, either using prepared stencils or drawn by hand.

  • Decals – decalcomania are removable transfers featuring images, patterns or inspirational quotes.
  • A feature wall – either painted a different colour or with patterned wallpaper or a mural.
  • Photographs: wall art either of you and your family or something else of personal significance.

  • Unique headboard – add upholstery or artwork to your headboard to create a unique design.

So, if you want something to look forward to in 2022, why not start planning how to transform your bedroom. Take a look through our gallery of bedroom pictures for more ideas and inspiration, and let your dream bedroom become a reality.

Remember to check back here soon for more lifestyle tips from DIY Homefit.