Beautiful bedrooms for 2021

Create the perfect bedroom with custom fitted wardrobes from DIY Homefit

With all the Covid lockdowns and restrictions over the past year, many of us have spent much more time at home than we normally would. And, although home improvement has probably not been your main priority in recent months, there may well be things that you realise you do want to change post-lockdown.

If you’ve decided that 2021 really is time for a long overdue bedroom refurbishment, you firstly need to decide what kind of style you want so that you can start making plans.

To help you with this, DIY Homefit have been doing a bit of looking around to find out more about some of the current popular trends in bedrooms. We’ve come up with five that we think you might like. 

Let’s take a look.


1. Back to nature

Lots of people are finding ways to bring nature from the outside to the inside of their homes. 

For bedrooms this could mean using natural materials as part of your decor and furnishings, incorporating nature-inspired prints, and giving as much emphasis as possible to windows and natural light.

We love the brick wall effect in the bedroom below, which also features our Acrylic wardrobe doors in Graphite. This brings a warmth to the room which beautifully offsets the minimalistic style of the furniture.

Subtle finishing touches, like the flowers on the bedside cabinet, decorative pots, and colourful print on the wall make this a very natural feeling room, and one in which you could really relax.

Supermatt-Graphite (1)


2. Bright colours

Although white is still a popular colour for bedrooms, many people are now being bolder in their choice of colour. A growing trend this season is for warm colours such as terracotta, dark reds and browns; and blue and green also continue to be popular because they are such calming colours for a bedroom.

We love the combination of colours in the bedroom shown below, which features wardrobe doors in Valore Fjord & Light Grey.


But if you don’t want too much colour in your bedroom, another option is to go for white and introduce splashes of colours in different elements of the bedroom such as headboards, bed linen, blankets, blinds, carpets or pictures.


3. Combination of styles

Another popular trend is to combine different styles as well as colours in your bedroom, for an eclectic look. Try mixing and matching textiles, materials and finishes in the bedroom for a personalised look. 

Also consider focusing on one or more statement features in your bedroom, such as a headboard or fireplace. 

The luxurious bedroom pictured below combines many of these concepts. It has a feature wall, wooden flooring with contrasting sheepskin rug, large headboard, distinctive fireplace, and ornate cornicing. The wardrobe doors are from our Westbury range in Dakkar.



4. Multifunctional space

One of the key takeaways from lockdown is the value of a multifunctional room. Many of us are now working from home and need our own space for this during the working day. The bedroom may need to provide that space for us, or to become an alternative living or recreational area if other parts of the home are now being used for work.

Whatever your specific circumstances, the more flexible you can make your bedroom design, the better. The stunning example below has it all. There is a distinct and comfortable bed area, plenty of storage, and then desk and floor space for work or recreation. Even better, the room opens out onto a patio area for extended outdoor living. 

The stylish metallic blue wardrobe doors are from our Acrylic Ultragloss range.

z_m_blue (1)

5. Minimalistic chic

Continuing on the theme of flexible space, the more clever storage solutions you can incorporate into your bedroom the better. Alcoves, custom fitted wardrobes, drawers and shelving all help to stow away your various belongings and still enable the room to feel comfortable and look good. 

This is particularly essential if you do use the room for different things at different times and need to compartmentalise your life. It helps to create a sense of calm, and smooth the transition from work to home and back again seamlessly.

The Scandi-influenced minimalist bedroom below features acrylic wardrobe doors in Oriental Black. The skilful use of custom fitted wardrobes ensures that storage capacity is maximised in the areas available, whilst still leaving plenty of space for the room to feel uncluttered and to breathe. Very on trend, as well as both distinctive and practical.

We hope that the above information and images have inspired you to start planning your new beautiful bedroom for 2021. You can see more wonderful examples by browsing through our gallery of bedroom pictures

Also do check out our range of bedroom furniture, including our custom fitted wardrobes. You can add your own finishing touch by choosing from our extensive ranges of wardrobe doors. Which all adds up to a fabulous new bedroom, individually designed by you and for you, and perfect for your needs.

Good luck with your bedroom project! And do check back here soon for more lifestyle tips from DIY Homefit.