The DIY Challenge!

As Cambridge University’s Peterhouse College win the latest series of University Challenge, is it time for a little challenge in your life?  If you’re anything like us at DIY Homefit, you may struggle to answer some of the University Challenge questions but don’t let that put you off pushing yourself in a different direction.  

In our recent Eating the Elephant blog we suggested making a list of everything that needs doing in your home then breaking things down into bite-sized chunks.  So far so good.  But how do you actually get started on a project?  For example, kitchen cupboard replacement.

diy homefit University Challenge

Fortunately DIY Homefit makes things as easy as possible for you.  It can all be done online in the comfort of your own home.  Here’s a condensed version of our Quick Start Guide in 6 easy steps!

  1. Choose your preferred kitchen door design by browsing through our kitchen pictures
  2. Then check the finish you would like from or extensive range of door finishes.
  3. Decide whether it is just kitchen doors that you need or whether you need carcasses as well.  At DIY Homefit we can do either, or any combination of both!
  4. If you are purchasing just kitchen doors all you then need to do is select the size of door – either a standard size from our drop-down menu or your own custom height and width.  There is NO extra charge for non-standard sizes!  You will also need to specify if you want hinge holes and where they should go
  5. If you are purchasing replacement kitchen cupboards then you need to select the carcass types you want then select the sizes you want from the menu provided.  If you want a special size, enter any height, width and/or depth – there is NO extra charge for non-standard sizes!  Add in any customisation options that you like.  The system will then automatically work out the sizes of any doors, drawer fronts or tops required by this product and will add them into the price and order unless you specify otherwise.
  6. You can then add in any matching accessories that you need such as plinths, pelmets, cornices or end panels as well as worktops (if you also want replacement kitchen worktops fitted) and handles.

At DIY Homefit we not only supply good quality products at competitive prices but make the whole process as simple and easy as we can.  So don’t worry about kitchen cupboard replacement being a challenge!  Your starter for 10 is to decide how you want your new kitchen to look – then follow the above steps to make it happen!

Image source: Daily Mail