New Year New Kitchen?

So Christmas is over for another year.  How was it for you?

In the words of John Lennon, we hope it was a good one!

However, just before it’s all forgotten, it’s a really good idea to stop and think about how well everything worked this year and whether you would do anything differently next time.   For example, some of us would immediately say that next year they are definitely not going to leave so much till the last minute: others may say that yet again they bought far too much food despite worrying that there would not be enough.  How wonderful it would be if we could learn from this and make things easier for ourselves next Christmas!


Another thing that many of us find over Christmas is that our kitchens are simply not designed in the best way to help us cater for lots of people.  If this applies to you then why not make 2018 the year that you redesign your kitchen so that it actually works for you – rather than creating more work for you!    Have a look round your kitchen now and just consider some of the following ideas for how it could work better:

  1. Do you have surfaces at different heights?   A lower surface can be more practical for food preparation such as slicing and stirring, whereas a higher one is useful both to put items that you are not currently using, and also for people to gather round to socialise.
  2. Are your floors comfortable to walk and stand on?   Stone floors and ceramic tiles can look stunning but can also be tough on feet and legs.  You may want to consider a more responsive material such as wood, rubber or cork – or alternatively lay mats or small rugs in well-used areas.
  3. Consider drawers as an alternative storage to some cabinets.  They are ideal for storing items such as pans, plates, and small appliances, and enable you to see and access the contents easily and without having to continually bend and twist.
  4. For cabinets with doors, think about the way they open.  Think of when you are likely to need them and the direction and angle you will usually be opening them from.  Most kitchen cabinets can accommodate a door that opens either way and can avoid unnecessary double manoeuvring.
  5. How versatile is your storage space?  You can make the most of your storage space by using storage within storage.  Additional shelving, tiered storage racks and carousels can all provide much more storage space than just a standard cupboard.

If you do decide to make any of the above changes to your kitchen this year then look no further than DIY Homefit!   First of all browse through our galleries of kitchen pictures to get some more ideas!   You can then decide which of our products will help you to create your perfect kitchen.   If you are happy with the existing structure and just want to give it a cosmetic facelift then our replacement kitchen doors could be the ideal solution.  But if you are going for a complete redesign then look at our versatile range of kitchen furniture to see how DIY Homefit can enable you to create a beautiful new kitchen at an affordable price.


If 2018 is your year for a new kitchen then DIY Homefit will help you to make it happen!