Neutral Bedrooms

Doing some research on what styles are popular in bedrooms this year, we were delighted to see from various sources that neutral colours are very much trending at the moment! Whether it’s all-white or cream or beige or grey, the emphasis is on subtle colours and clean lines. Alongside the colour scheme there is an increasing preference for the minimalistic look, so that your bedroom is calm, peaceful and uncluttered from messy reminders of day to day life.

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As we all know kitchens are definitely the heart of most homes and probably the busiest when cooking, entertaining and doing children’s homework, which is why DIY Homefit understand that a kitchen needs to be functional and look its best. Bringing a tired kitchen into the 21st century doesn’t have to cost the world either. New made to measure replacement kitchen doors can make a huge difference to a kitchen, meaning you can change your kitchen as often as your taste changes, and let’s face it tastes can change depending on what’s popular at the moment.

Thinking Outside The Box

As a specialist in creating DIY furniture, predominantly for Kitchens and Bedrooms, we can not only supply made to measure kitchens and custom made bedroom furniture but can also provide replacement door fronts. DIY Homefit are always interested to see how our bespoke furniture is being used.

Showcasing Our Customers!

Here at DIY Homefit, we love hearing from our customers on their finished made to measure kitchen and bedroom designs. The fact that they are proud of their accomplishments at the final result, makes us really pleased too. In fact we have dedicated a whole page on our website to the handy work and project management skills of our customers from around the UK.

5 Step Guide: How to Design A Bespoke Kitchen!

z_a_black[1]Designing a new kitchen is an incredibly personal thing, it needs to meet the needs and budget of an individual house, which is why sometimes it’s better not to leave it to the salesman/designer. This week DIY Homefit, specialists in made to measure kitchens, thought we would share with you some simple steps in designing your own perfect kitchen:

Storage Solutions

There are those among us who naturally like a tidy kitchen and there are those who need a little bit of help when it comes to organisation. Here at DIY homefit, our service allows you to bring your ideas into fruition.  Not only can you choose from a large selection of bespoke kitchen units, cupboards, drawers and cabinets but we also can provide some brilliant storage solutions to help keep you, and your kitchen, organised.

Let’s Review!

So you’ve made the decision you want, no, need a new bedroom or kitchen… but where to go? What supplier to use? One thing’s guaranteed (as well as our furniture), as soon as you announce your decision suddenly all your friends or family “know a guy”, or “got a great deal” at some “amazing” stockist. And maybe they do, and maybe it was a great deal, but when choosing who’s going to supply your new luxurious bedroom, or modern sleek kitchen we have 3 simple words of advice: REVIEWS and TESTIMONIALS.

Let’s slide to the left, and slide to the right!

At DIY Homefit, we supply made to measure bedrooms across the UK, whether it’s extra storage space for hundreds of pairs of shoes or somewhere to hang suits and ties, we have the perfect solution for you. We can build you a bespoke bedroom to meet all your needs. Our custom made bedrooms come with a large choice of styles and colours, including our most recent addition to our portfolio; made-to-measure sliding wardrobe doors.

Technical Help!!

Here at DIY Homefit we appreciate that ordering a new made to measure kitchen or bedroom can be a daunting task, so we have tried to make the process as easy as possible. Over the years we have been in business we have collated some really helpful hints and tips from customers which we have shared on our website to assist you in obtaining your perfect kitchen or bedroom.