It fits!


Christmas is a time of fitting.

Whether it’s the age-old question of how does Santa get down the chimney, the eternal surprise of Cinderella’s shoe fitting in the Christmas pantomime, or the annual battle to get the turkey in the oven and the door shut …. Christmas is full of issues to do with fitting!

Your Christmas hideaway?!


Christmas means many different things to different people.

For some it brings all the traditional feelings of peace, joy, love and goodwill to all mankind.  For others it is a busy and stressful time, and yet others can find it difficult and perhaps lonely.  But one thing that many people would agree on is that it can highlight a shortage of storage space in your home.

Your very own Crafty Christmas!


So we wanted to write an article with some ideas about how to make gifts and decorations for Christmas.

But it seems that every clever title we came up with has already been used elsewhere – usually  by Kirstie Allsopp!   She has previously presented Homemade Christmas and Handmade Christmas – and now is presenting

Crafty Christmas, described by Channel 4 as “a festive fast-track guide to ensuring the big day goes with a bang”.

Your Favourite Kitchen Appliances


So what is your favourite kitchen appliance?

The one thing that you really couldn’t do without?   Opinions vary enormously: even here at DIY Homefit we had to agree to disagree!  But we’ve come up with the following list of five that we think are probably representative of the majority of our readers. But maybe we’re wrong!

Wardrobes to be thankful for!

Have you noticed how Thanksgiving is gradually becoming more of a feature of our autumn?

This year it is celebrated in the US on Thursday 23rd November, and no doubt there will be many celebrations in the UK as well.

Replace your kitchen doors with style


If you are thinking about redoing your kitchen this autumn then one option you really do need to look at is replacement kitchen doors.


If you are happy with the basic layout of your kitchen, and the internal quality and structure of your kitchen units are sound, then why throw money away by replacing them?  A much more cost-effective solution would be replacement kitchen doors.

Chic but not too shabby!

Many of us love the shabby chic look.

Done well, it can transform almost any piece of furniture from old and worn to refreshing and on trend.  But when not done well, it can look just like a rather badly painted piece of old worn furniture!

Brighten up your bedroom this autumn

If your bedroom needs a facelift then one very effective way to do this is to replace your wardrobe doors.

This is quicker and easier than a complete refit, and much more economic.  Our comprehensive range of replacement wardrobe doors at DIY Homefit can totally transform your bedroom.  

Transform your kitchen in time for Christmas!

Oh we’re sorry to mention the C word so soon!!

But we’re in good company:this year the prestigious London store Selfridges opened its Christmas store on 31st July – 147 days ahead of the big day!

Selfridges’ rationale for doing this is because they are “ a real destination for fans of Christmas and festive decorations within and outside the UK. Some customers return to us year after year, excited at the prospect of discovering the new ranges and adding to their collections. We have so many customers visiting from all over the world, eager to snap up festive decorations and souvenirs on their London summer holidays which they can’t buy at home.”