Flat Slab – The Modern Kitchen Lover’s Dream!

Flat slab-front doors: simply the best choice for bespoke kitchens

If you’ve not yet come across flat slab-front doors then you don’t know what you are missing!!   A slab-front door is one that is completely flat ie neither raised nor recessed.  Whilst its clean lines could complement either a traditional or modern kitchen design, it is particularly associated with high end European bespoke kitchens.  

New Year Declutter? DIY Homefit’s 7 Steps!

Christmas is over for another year…

And now is the time for putting away all those Christmas decorations – including taking down all the creatively placed lights which seemed such a wonderful idea at the time but now you’re not so sure!

Transform your home with DIY Homefit!

It’s not just about bedrooms and kitchens y’know….

As most readers are already aware, at DIY Homefit we offer an impressive range of kitchen cupboard replacement doors and wardrobe solutions. All these stylish products are of the highest quality and will make an immediate positive difference your home. But have you ever thought of using our products in other rooms around your home in addition to your kitchen and bathroom? Here are our Top Five suggestions – along with photos from happy DIY Homefit customers – for other ways in which DIY Homefit products can transform your home this autumn:

DIY Homefit tips on how to shabby chic your home!

You may associate our title with an old Dire Straits song but it’s also now a popular BBC TV show! The idea is that an entrepreneur Sarah Moore scours refuse tips to save items from being dumped and then oversees their transformation into new items, making money for their owners in the process.

New look kitchen for GBBO and not just kitchen doors!

Middle England is up in arms!   

GBBO (The Great British Bake Off, to the uninitiated) has been bought by Channel 4 which means that it will move from its prized slot on the BBC, who apparently can no longer afford to broadcast it.  

Get a handle on it!

Another London Fashion week has just come and gone.   For some, it is an eagerly awaited highlight of their year.  For others, a case of from the sublime to the ridiculous!   However you view it, one thing that always comes across is the critical importance of accessories to the overall look and feel of an outfit.

Skip to your garden!

Turn your kitchen cupboard replacement into an upcycling opportunity!

At DIY Homefit we are passionate about upcycling!  Our recent article about a mud kitchen at an infant school shows how well old furniture can be put to good use.  So if you are about to undergo a kitchen cupboard replacement then you may well be able to reuse your old kitchen cupboards for something innovatively different!

Back to School!

If you are a parent you will be breathing a big sigh of relief any time now!  School holidays are over and your children will be going back to school.   If you work outside the home this brings to an end the never-ending logistics of childcare during the long school holidays:  if you are based in the home you can once again have a little bit of space!

“More than just kitchen doors” – Customer is always right!

At DIY Homefit we pride ourselves not only on our products and prices but on our exceptional customer service.  We have always been passionate about this aspect of our business because we are here to serve you and you matter to us.   As a company we are not about just kitchen doors but want your experience with us to be a memorable one – for all the right reasons!