Never work with children or animals?! How to make your kitchen safe

Keep your kitchen safe (and look good!) with stylish new kitchen cabinets

Many of us view our kitchen as the heart of the home. We increasingly use it not just to prepare and cook food, but also to eat, drink, socialise and entertain. And of course, since the first Covid lockdown, many families continue to use their kitchens as spaces to work or study.

Five ways to get your bedroom ready for summer

Refresh your bedroom this summer with made to measure wardrobe doors

Summer is here and we just want to throw open the windows and let the light and warmth come streaming in. But sometimes doing just that makes us realise that our home needs a few tweaks to make it lighter and brighter and truly summery. And this can especially be the case in our bedroom.

Five ways to add value to your home in 2022

Update your home with new kitchen cabinets for a fresh look

Spring is here, and for many people it brings with it a desire to make positive changes in your life. And, if you have been thinking about either moving to a new home or improving your current home, spring can be a good time to start making this happen. The better weather and lighter evenings can help us to feel more energetic, and ready to tackle major domestic projects with renewed enthusiasm.

How to create the perfect childrens’ bedroom

Perfect kids storage solutions and wardrobe doors from DIY Homefit

So the time has come to update your child’s bedroom. 

This can be much more complicated than it may first appear. You may just have been thinking about a fresh coat of paint on everything and some new bedding? Job done!

How to make your small kitchen look bigger

The best kitchen cabinets to add space to your kitchen

Do you sometimes look around your kitchen and despair? There just seems to be so little space and everything is cluttered. Then you see homes on the TV with these huge gorgeous kitchens and feel green with envy.

How to share a bedroom without falling out

Create flexible bedroom space with DIY Homefit’s new wardrobe doors

So the moment has come. You and your partner are finally moving in together. It’s a big step, but an exciting one. Congratulations!

Why pantries are making a comeback in 2022

Create the perfect pantry with kitchen cabinets from DIY Homefit

If you always seem to be short of storage space in your kitchen, why not consider installing a pantry? Initially it may seem like a rather old-fashioned idea, but a pantry can make a huge difference to your kitchen.

So where is your office now?

Create the perfect home office in your bedroom with stylish wardrobe doors

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of lives since 2020. One of these is remote working. Most restrictions are now lifted, and workers are being encouraged to go back to the office.

What’s new in kitchens for 2022?

Transform your kitchen with on-trend kitchen cabinets

It’s that time of year when we look forward to seeing the back of winter and the arrival of spring. And many of us find that we start wanting to make changes to our homes. If your kitchen is looking a little dated, perhaps it’s time for a change…

Transform your bedroom in 2022

Update your bedroom this January with new wardrobe doors

We are at that time of year when memories of Christmas and New Year begin to fade, and life settles back into the same old routines. In fact the third Monday in January is commonly known as Blue Monday and is meant to be the saddest day of the year…