Replace your kitchen doors with style


If you are thinking about redoing your kitchen this autumn then one option you really do need to look at is replacement kitchen doors.


If you are happy with the basic layout of your kitchen, and the internal quality and structure of your kitchen units are sound, then why throw money away by replacing them?  A much more cost-effective solution would be replacement kitchen doors.


But some people may have a concern that just replacing the doors of your kitchen units is in some way a second best solution and will not look as good as completely replacing the whole kitchen.  This is simply not true:  replacement kitchen doors can not only look wonderful but are a fraction of the cost (not to mention fitting time and disruption!) of a full kitchen refurbishment.


At DIY Homefit we supply an enviably vast range of replacement kitchen doors in many different designs and colours.   Our three ranges are:



Apart from the style and colour of the door, another major factor is whether you choose a matt or high gloss finish.  There is no right or wrong answer here: both types of finish can look fabulous in the appropriate environment.   But the finish that you do choose can have a dramatic effect on the appearance of your kitchen!  


So here are some key considerations to help you choose whether a matt or high gloss finish would be best for your kitchen:


Five advantages of matt finish


  1. A matt finish is good at enhancing doors with any kind of uneven design
  2. A matt finish doesn’t reflect the light so has a calmer ambience and can prevent an area from becoming too dazzling
  3. A matt finish does not show up marks – such as fingerprints and scratches – and other imperfections as much as high gloss
  4. With a matt finish, the colour of our doors can look much more consistent because there is no light reflection to interfere with the basic colour
  5. A matt design presents a more traditional look; so if you want a country kitchen style or shabby chic look then this is the way to go.


Five advantages of high gloss finish


  1. A high gloss finish can make a small kitchen feel larger due to its capacity to reflect light
  2. Similarly,  a high gloss finish can be better if you want darker colours as there will still be a brightness to the finish that helps the space not to feel cramped
  3. A high gloss finish is best suited to flat kitchen cabinets and also works really well with handleless doors
  4. A high gloss finish is excellent for a minimalistic look as it provides clean lines and a seamless effect
  5. High gloss is much easier to clean than traditional kitchen cabinets

Flat Slab

Whatever your preferred door finish, we are confident that DIY Homefit will have the ideal replacement kitchen door for the look that you want to achieve.   Why not browse through our gallery of kitchen pictures now to help you make your final decision and bring you one step closer to your ideal kitchen!