Brighten up your bedroom this autumn

If your bedroom needs a facelift then one very effective way to do this is to replace your wardrobe doors.

This is quicker and easier than a complete refit, and much more economic.  Our comprehensive range of replacement wardrobe doors at DIY Homefit can totally transform your bedroom.  


We have three ranges of hinged wardrobe doors – Bella vinyl wrapped, acrylic ultragloss and our own range of 5-piece panelled wardrobe doors.  We also have a wonderful selection of  sliding wardrobe doors for a fresh look that can also save you a lot of space.   Whatever you choose you will be left with a bedroom that looks and feels like a totally different room!


But wardrobe doors are only the beginning!  As always, once you change something in a room then the rest of it looks rather shabby in comparison.  You need to find some bedroom furniture that complements your new look.  Fortunately DIY Homefit is here to help!


Although we are renowned for our custom built wardrobes and replacement wardrobe doors, DIY Homefit also supplies superb range of bedroom furniture.  It is designed to match our Bella range of doors but could also be used to complement many of our other doors too.


The range includes beds, headboards, footboards, mirrors, stools, blanket boxes –  and even a toilet seat !   You can browse the full range here and see what might be able to fit into your revamped bedroom.  Just adding one or two carefully chosen new items can make the difference between a functional bedroom and a stunning one.


We would also draw your attention to one other simple way you can brighten up your bedroom that is often overlooked: mirrors.   Mirrors have been a significant part of human culture for thousands of years; in fact the first man-made mirrors are thought to have been made in around 6000BC in Turkey (Anatolia as it was then known)  from different varieties of polished stone such as black volcanic glass obsidian.  Glass mirrors then developed in Lebanon in the first century AD.


Since then, mirrors have been widely used as both practical household items and objects of decoration.  Most homes have several mirrors, and yet we often take them for granted and overlook their potential at transforming a room.   The right mirror can make a huge difference to your bedroom!  In the right position it can reflect and radiate light around the room which not only improves the ambience of the room but can also help the room to look more spacious.


The images below show just a few of the mirrors that are available from our bedroom furniture range.  As you can see they are all beautiful and distinctive styles that could be the icing on the cake for your new bedroom!   Whether you want a traditional or more contemporary style of mirror, a wall mirror or something on your dressing table, there is bound to be something that catches your eye!

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 11.19.42

So this autumn why not give your bedroom a bit of a makeover with new wardrobe doors and bedroom furniture from DIY Homefit?  Then add one of our mirrors for the perfect finishing touch!   Look no further than DIY Homefit for a complete bedroom solution.