Transform your kitchen in time for Christmas!

Oh we’re sorry to mention the C word so soon!!

But we’re in good company:this year the prestigious London store Selfridges opened its Christmas store on 31st July – 147 days ahead of the big day!

Selfridges’ rationale for doing this is because they are “ a real destination for fans of Christmas and festive decorations within and outside the UK. Some customers return to us year after year, excited at the prospect of discovering the new ranges and adding to their collections. We have so many customers visiting from all over the world, eager to snap up festive decorations and souvenirs on their London summer holidays which they can’t buy at home.”


For most of us it is still way too early to start thinking about Christmas. We are just enjoying the end of summer and can’t think that far ahead. But just spare a few minutes to think about that.

Whatever your plans for Christmas, if you are at home they are likely to involve lots of cooking and entertaining. Is your kitchen up to the job? Would you not rather visualise your Christmas festivities in a brand new kitchen?

The problem is that even though Christmas seems a good way off, if you are talking about a complete refurbishment, involving a whole host of planners, external suppliers, and professional fitters … chances are you may already have left it too late to get everything scheduled in – and completed to your satisfaction – this side of Christmas.

But do not despair: help is at hand!

With DIY Homefit you can achieve a stunning kitchen transformation with our ranges of quality kitchen replacement doors and DIY kitchen units. Whether you want to change the layout of your kitchen and install new kitchen units, or simply replace the doors on the units you already have, look no further than DIY Homefit!

Our comprehensive range of DIY kitchen units come in all standard sizes and can also be made to measure. This means that you can plan the best configuration for your kitchen so that everything is in a logical place and fits with the flow of how you like to work. For all our kitchen units you have the choice of either Bella Vinyl Wrapped doors and drawer fronts or Flat Slab doors and drawer fronts.

If your basic kitchen layout and units are both good enough for your purposes, then a quick and easy – and good value – way to transform them is by adding replacement doors and drawer fronts. Our extensive collection gives you the flexibility to choose your own unique design, colour and size combination, with made to measure again being an option.

Bella Vinyl Wrapped doors and drawer fronts are available in 24 designs and a choice of 35 colours – see example below left – and Flat Slab doors and drawer fronts – with clean contemporary lines – are available in nearly 30 finishes. See example below right.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.14.39

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 11.14.55

If you are really in a hurry we even have a DIY Homefit Express range of replacement doors which are fast-tracked through our factory in 3 to 6 days.

The range consists of handleless J-Pull doors in 11 finishes and panelled/shaker style doors are available in 6 finishes.

So if you do want a new kitchen in time for Christmas it is perfectly possible with DIY Homefit! First browse through our range of replacement kitchen doors and DIY kitchen units to decide on your new look then check out how many days there are till Christmas and plan when you’re going to make that Christmas magic happen!