The best bedroom colours for 2023

How to choose the perfect wardrobe doors for your bedroom

Colour is big news in interior design in 2023. And finding the right colour for you is so important. Whether we realise it or not, colour can stir very powerful emotions in us. We all subconsciously associate certain colours with past experiences and memories, both good and bad.

So when choosing colours for our home, it’s not just a case of which ones we like, but also how they make us feel.

In this article we look at five of the most popular bedroom colours for 2023. Perhaps one of them will particularly resonate with you? If so, why not bring that colour into your bedroom, whether by painting the walls, replacing the wardrobe doors, or even just adding accessories in that colour. You will both see and feel the difference!


The influence of nature on home design just continues to grow and grow, and so it is no surprise that green remains one of the most popular bedroom colours for 2023. Whether you choose a bold green such as emerald or lime, or something more muted such as jade, sage or pistachio, green brings a calming yet energising ambience to your room. 

At DIY Homefit we have embraced this trend by adding various new shades of green to our ranges of doors. In our Bella Vinyl Wrap range there is Fir Green, Sage Green and Pistachio Green; and we also have a lovely Sage Green in our Zurfiz Flat Slab Serica range. You could create a wonderful green bedroom by using one of these colours – or perhaps a combination – for your wardrobe doors.


Blue is another ever-popular colour, which is not surprising when you consider the broad range of blues available. The best shade of blue for your bedroom can be influenced by the amount of natural light in your bedroom. If there is plenty of natural light in the room this could have the effect of bleaching out pale colours such as sky blue, and you may want to consider a brighter blue such as sapphire or teal. On the other hand you may need a good amount of natural light if you want a darker blue such as inky blue or navy, to prevent the room from becoming too dark and shadowy.


Grey is also an ever-popular bedroom colour, and can work well with blues, yellows, browns or more neutral colours such as whites and creams. It brings a touch of sophistication to any bedroom, whether traditional or contemporary style. 

The image below features Integra wardrobe doors in Oakgrain grey which are paired with predominantly blue paint and accessories for a contemporary coastal look.

Earthy neutrals

Warm neutral colours are always a winning colour for bedrooms. Any kind of natural tone such as sand, beige, cream and terracotta create a serene and homely ambience in your bedroom. All these neutral shades are calming and work well with almost any other colour.

As with other pale colours – and we mentioned it above when discussing blues – you need to be careful to balance the neutral shade with the amount of natural light in the room. Warm neutrals such as brown, cream, taupe and sand generally have a brown, red, orange or yellow undertone and work well in rooms that have lots of natural light to bounce around. Conversely, cool neutrals – such as grey, white, pale blue – have a pink, violet or blue undertone and work well in rooms with less natural light.

Another factor to consider when using neutrals is that they often work better if you add texture and layering to the room so it does not become bland. So decorative handles and knobs, textured accessories, and splashes of contrasting colour can all add the perfect finishing touch.


Also be aware of the current trend – as mentioned in our article Bringing the outside into your bedroom this summer – for biophilic colours. Biophilic colours are inspired by different aspects of nature, including sky, sea, plants and earth. 

Thinking of the radiant colours of the sky – particularly sunrise and sunset – it is no surprise that new favourites such as different shades of pink are beginning to be popular colours for bedrooms in 2023. And why not?! It can create incredible warmth and alluring appeal in any bedroom, whether as a paint colour or for sliding wardrobe doors, as pictured below.

We hope that this article has given you some food for thought about the best bedroom colours for your bedroom in 2023. For more ideas, take a browse through our gallery of bedroom pictures to discover the ideal colour combination for you.

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